Question about "RAM Instrument" LED light

Mike 161

Newly Enlightened
May 22, 2002
La Puente, California
I went into a uniform supply store to purchase some items. I saw a LED light made by "RAM Instrument", that attaches to the end of an ASP baton. It features three 3.5V 30A bulbs (rated for 6,000 hours), a chrome plated reflector, aluminum construction and a "high impact resistant" lens. The light replaces the ASP end cap. The part number is RAM11020.

My question is, do any LEO's or Security Officers on this forum use this item (or know someone who does), and what is your/their opinion of it. Since I carry an ASP, I am very interested in this light. If it works as advertised, it should be a good "back-up" light.

Thank you for your responses.