Quick Carley Lamp Review


Aug 11, 2000
I received my lamps from Walt, Thanks Walt!

I haven't spent too long with them yet, but I tried the 2 cell and 6 cell bulbs, both in "C" Mag-Lites.

I couldn't do a side to side bulb comparison since I had only one light each. My impression was they where brighter by at least some. There may have been three limiting factors: 1) cold batteries 2) batteries 6 months old 3) "C" cell didn't have quite the available amperage of a "D" cell would.

One interesting thing was on the 6 cell light, I could clearly see the spriral filament outline in "light" superimposed over the round beam.

I was able to get a tighter focus with the Carley bulbs, and they do get a bit warmer.

Hmmm, I was ready to be WOW'ed by them, but wasn't. Maybe I need a new "D" Mag-Lite to try them.



Flashlight Enthusiast
Aug 2, 2000
Central Florida
For identicle number of cells but different battery types I have a 2C and 2D MagLite. When both have Carley Lamps in them their beams indistinguishable. You might try fresh, premium batteries like Energizers or Duracell. Especially in the 6C.

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The amperage of the xenon lamps (XS series) is only about 10% higher than the amperage of the krypton lamps designed for alkaline cells (KSA series). The amperage of krypton lamps designed for rechargeable NiCd cells (KSR series) is much higher, sometimes more than twice as much as the xenon or KSA lamps.

These data support Dave W's observations. One must be careful when comparing brightness. When I first got my rechargeable lamps, I thought they were dimmer than the corresponding KSA lamps. They actually were much brighter (which I determined after it got dark, by going outside and looking into the surrounding trees). The problem was that the color temperature of the KSR series is lower than the KSA series; this means the KSR light is yellower, and thus may at first appear dimmer.

These lamps all burn HOT; be sure and use a quality flashlight; further, WIPE OFF THE LAMP with windex or alcohol on a tissue after installation. Your fingerprint oil can cause a weakness and possible breakage of the quartz tube.

Hope this helps, Walt