Random Observations From Night Hunting with VN Lights


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Oct 29, 2009
We saw coyote's but didn't get a shot off. Red light on order.

Now that's out of the way, on to lights!

  • The TX25C2 is a wonderful pocket light, with capabilities way beyond its size. 200 yds on a brightly moonlit night was no issue. On a really dark night, it would have been even better.
  • The L25Avn is probably the most underrated Vinh light I know of. It throws out to 300 yards very well in bright moonlight, and worked very well with my Meopta 1-4x lighted reticle AR scope (300blk). With PDT it would be pretty unbeatable in the picatinny rail light dept, IMHO.
  • The K40vn is superb at the distances we had. Mostly 300 yards or so to tree lines, in the woods, and some vistas to 400 or more. Very little practical difference between this and the TK61vn on our 4 hour night hunt except:
  • TK61vn was brighter, of course. Both K40vn and TK61vn had good usable spill, with the K40 seeming to have brighter spill in the foreground close to us. The big difference to us was definitely the PDT! The 5000k color was outstanding, and an upgrade well worth having. All my future Vinh lights will have PDT's where applicable.
  • TK75vn Killer Throw edition lit up the countryside with amazing bright usable light. Nothing escaped it out to 300-ish yards, or to my eyes, unassisted eye range. Recognizing a deer or man-size object beyond this was difficult for us, with cows visible further out. With binoculars or scopes, it's a different story, but for practical hunting and 99.99% of human threat distances here in OK, the TK75 Killer Throw is beyond sufficient.

Bottom line, all our equipment worked very well. Bino's were useful in the low light, as were scopes. I would have felt well-equipped with any one of the big lights here, with a big edge to the TK75vn Killer Throw. If it had PDT's, it would be nearly perfect for eyeball distances. It will be my resident truck torch, with the TK75vn dome on for my 60-yard wooded back yard.


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Mar 10, 2011
Awesome; that sounds like fun (and quite the collection)! Thank you for your observations. I can't wait to be a little less busy and really get to stretch my TK75vnkt's legs sometime soon.


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Jan 31, 2014
Baltimore Md
When I look through my light bag, I'm always pulling out my tk75vn killerthrow. The more lights I buy, the more I realize how much if a complete package it is. Size, lumens, lux, ui, aesthetics, runtime, weight balance, she has/does it all so well. My best purchase from Vinh for sure. :D
I don't have pdt, but the look of the dedomed leds in it now very, very good. When compared to my pdt tk61vn, it's dead on. I may have just gotten lucky, and have been raving about the tk75vn tint before Vinh even offered pdt as an option.

Anyone who is on the fence about buying a tk75vn (killerthrow) , jump on over, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

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Jul 27, 2012
has anyone done a k40vn vs. tk75vn? interested to see the difference

Just a lttle to add....I have a K40vn and my next light would have been a TK75vn,as I had read everything I could regarding it....even bought 4 18650 batteries,which are still in the boxes!....anyways,I figured I would be covered with a "thrower"(K40vn),then a "flood/thower"(TK75vn)...but I got reading on the XSearcherVN and that's what I settled for,so now I have two "different" types of throwers......maybe grab a TK75vn sometime soon?! Thanks for letting me butt in! HB