RB Stalker with a machined edge on the Rope



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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

Right off the Whetstone Knife Sharpener / grinder .
No stropping / de burring .
Whetstone is apparently 220 grit ..

Getting close to doing a review on the Whetstone Grinder / Knife Sharpener .

Anyways , against the paper ( printer paper ) the edge does not perform well due to the nature of the edge .
But against the rope , there was some serious cutting power .
The knife felt good against the rope but around 100 was starting to do poorly against the paper . ( Such is life )
I called it at 120 , but the knife wanted to keep going against the rope as it was still cutting strong .

After that , I came inside and put the knife to the strop ( With compound ) , and I was easily able to bring the edge back with half a dozen passes . ( Called easy edge maintenance )
The Razor Blades Stalker is a very average knife , very very average .
If the steel was better ? But it's not ! :sick2: Just buy a Mora , unless you despise the Scandi grind ...