Real Steel Luna D2 2nd chance @ the rope



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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

The factory edge gave a score of 70 on the rope .
In all fairness this is rather bad for D2 tool steel . I mean it's right there with bad Cr/Mov .
I do give knives a 2nd chance when they perform badly .
With my own 180 grit diamond cut bevel the Luna scored a two hundred . This score is on the very low side for D2 and on the high side for Cr/Mov .
So the question might be asked , is it really bad D2 or good Cr/Mov ? ( I own a Cr/Mov that has scored 230 )

This is a slip joint knife that is small and light . It is very EDC and walking around the house with it in my pocket , it just vanishes . ( You dont know it's there when you use the clip )
For a knife that would be carried a lot and used a little , this knife has purpose . It is not for heavy duty work , and not a daily user . If you looking for a knife that will be used a lot , you may wish to consider something a little more robust .
Walk and talk is fine , but the performance of the blade ( edge retention ) is nothing to brag about . If anything the blade steel was some what un impressive for D2 ( alleged ) .

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