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Mar 26, 2011
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I spend a lot of time on the water and most evenings I find myself navigating back to the dock after dark. Last night was very dark and made navigation difficult (if not exciting). The body of water I often fish on is connected via a series of channels which can be difficult to locate at night and to navigate. There are also many reefs (marked) that I know are there but sometimes it can be really difficult to locate marker buoys. So, I need a light of some sort.

What I need/want in order of importance are :

1) In light recharger. Also needs to be able to be powered by a USB port (my boat has a USB port in the glove box)
2) Long distrance throw - subjective I guess, but I have been looking for 1000+ Lumens
3) Durable, could get tossed around a bit, especially in rough water
4) Waterproof is nice, it is going to be used in a boat
5) Compact as possible
6) Cost, the less the better to keep the wife happy ;-)

With that in mind I have searched around a bit and at the moment the Olight SR52 is at the top of my list. It definitely meets most if not all of my needs/wants and seems like it would be ideal for helping me navigate at night. I like the on-board charger which means it will be convenient to keep the cells at the ready.

The purpose of my post is to make sure that I have not overlooked another light (or lights) that would better serve my needs. I would also like to hear if there are other capabilities in a light that I need to be concerned about. I would also appreciate any feedback on the veracity of my ideas. I assume a rechargeable light would be ideal for this situation but am open to other ideas/opinions. :)

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