Reclaiming old parts

Kitchen Panda

Aug 28, 2011
I was going through my junk drawer (room) and found the old NextTorch GL10 keychain light that I destroyed a while ago - I managed to poke a hole in the lithium battery. I kept the remains with a vague plan of buying another postage-stamp LiIon battery for it.

But, then I ran across the LiIon cell from someone's e-cigarette that I tried to fix. ( I broke it even harder and the owner had already replaced it, so not a serious loss)

So, now my GL10 has an awesome 670 mA cell instead of the stock 190 mAh - I estimate it will stay on at low for several days now.

I've got to come up with an enclosure for it. Right now it's just taped together with "tactical " electrical tape, but I'd like a more stable housing. I'm imagining getting some kind of plastic blocks and milling out a slot big enough to hold the circuit board and battery, with slots and holes cut for the LED to poke out, the USB charging jack, and something to push the button on the circuit board. Our local woodworking supply shop has plastic blocks for turning into pens, but they are a little small for this job (unless I took two blanks and glued them together). For a one-shot job I could probably use my drill press as a mill.

Still lots of winter to get through, this ought to keep me busy for a while.



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Jul 28, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
this thread needs some photos! You can find all sorts of plastic blocks from amazon and ebay. I've purchased delrin for the vast majority of my needs.

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