recommend a flashlight for coon / night hunting


Newly Enlightened
Jul 28, 2014
As the title says, im interested in purchasing (or assembling) a flashlight that will be perfect for coon hunting. I have a few led headlamps, for general use walking through the woods at night. Im looking for the best light that meets the following criteria.

Rugged and at least water resistant not necessarily waterproof
Long battery life > 12 hours of runtime I guess. If the dogs get lost id need a light that lasts all night.
Bright, focusable beam, that can reach up into tree canopies and search for raccoons.
Large and heavy enough to use for defense in an emergency. (Think creeping through woods at night and something pops up)
Lastly, nothing really expensive. I was considering a 6-D mag that can be had for about 30/40 bucks online, plus an LED upgrade kit. If theres something more suitable in that price range is love to know about it.

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