Recommend me a light for bat surveys


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May 12, 2023
I currently have a Eagletac T10c2 it's been a brilliant torch for years. And is kind of ideal for what I need love the centred beam and surrounding light/tough/low and high low light switch/quality. negatives - eats cr123's on high power maybe a bit low power nowadays? I want to spend no more than £70 I need more runtime/brighter/possibly tactical bezel/durable/rainproof any suggestions deals would be great as I'm very out of touch with current lights. My petzl actik core is my go too but for spotting bats in dark places, fishing and hunting this new addition would be great, many thanks Fraser.


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Jul 19, 2014
Mobjack Bay
Well, if EagleTac T10 is ideal for you I have a suggestion, which is to keep using it. If the cost of CR123A is giving you the blues, and if you already know you can buy in bulk for less, and then if you don't already know secondaries, learn here at CPF about Li-ion safety and best practices, get a decent Liion charger, and get some sets of Vapcell F14 INR18350 3A 1400mAh cells, KeepPower IMR18350 10A 1200mAh, Vapcell N36 INR18650 8A 3650mAh, and/or KeepPower IMR18650 10A 3200mAh cells, and use all your lumens, all you want, without guilt. Keep plenty of spare cells.

If you are dead set on a new light when what you have already works ideally already, then I'd recommend borrowing a bright turbo head G4 or G6 halogen incandescent from someone to try it out before duplicating what you already have twenty more times in LED. If the light is ideal, but you want more, then try incan, it might be what you've been missing.

And welcome to CPF!
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