Recommend me a light for nighttime hiking/badassery


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Jul 19, 2014
Mobjack Bay
300 Lumens? No.

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I'm going to amend my suggestion, as coyotes will be even more deterred by brighter and floodier.

I read about a solar coyote deterrent that I can't believe works (and with Amazon reviews YMMV massively as it has been proven many of Amazon reviews are fake if not entertaining). Coyotes can only see light in the yellow and blue spectrum, and coyote hunters swear by red lights as they take advantage of this. IF it works, it must be because it blinks and has little to do with the color. Product page suggests it appears to animals like eye shine, the tapetum lucidum, but the notion that anyone can know what a wild animal is thinking is beyond ludicrous, especially when most of the time we can't even tell what a person we know well is thinking. And I also can't imagine something more annoying than a blinking red light outside my house. I think a bright flood on a motion sensor would be vastly more effective.

At any rate, to deter coyotes, you can't go wrong with very bright flood.


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Feb 8, 2007
This feels like one of the most well-considered recommendations in this thread. Much appreciated! How does the community feel about Acebeam?

Personally own several, have used them daily for years now.
There are several top brands, I feel Acebeam is one of the best for performance per dollar/features, the whole package.

Can't remember every model number I have, but mine use 20700~21700~26650~3x18650~4x18650

btw:: the K30GT is simply incredible if you can still find one for a good price