Recommend Me a Light to Replace a SUREFIRE E2D LED


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Jan 20, 2020
I need to replace my old Surefire E2D ULTRA LED from the 1980's or 1990's.

  • Size:
TINY - Every day carry (2-4 inches).

  • Emitter/Light source:
  • LED (known for efficiency, longevity, and compactness)

  • Manufacturer:
  • I want to buy a light from a large/traditional manufacturer that is ready to go out of the box.

  • What power source do you want to use?
  • I intend to use Rechargeable cells based on less common formats (18500 or 18650 Li-Ion, RCR123, et-al).
  • 7a) If you have selected a rechargeable option
  • I want a separate/stand-alone charger (this involves removing the batteries to charge)
price: $100 or less
  • How much genuine out the front (OTF) light do you want/need?
  • I want search and rescue type illumination (800+ lumens), need to light up area at 150 feet max.

  • Flood vs Throw:
  • Narrow Throw: I want a beam with a very tight "hot center" and minimal "side-spill". Good for distance viewing, fog, and looking through dense undergrowth.
  • 9a) Distance: How far away will you typically need to see with this light
  • 50-150 yards/meters (I live in a very rural area/farm with wide open spaces)

  • Runtime: Not over-inflated manufacturer runtime claims, but usable brightness measured from first activation to 50% with new batteries (Measured on maximum continuous output).
  • 30-60 minutes (I have plenty of batteries just ready to be changed)

  • Durability/Usage:
  • Critical (Police, Fire, Search & Rescue, Caving, Survival

  • Switch Size, Type, and location
  • I want a tail mounted switch

  • User Interface (UI) and mode selection
  • A simple on-off with only one output level is fine for me.
  • I want 2 light levels. (Brighter/short runtime and Dimmer/long runtime.)
  • I don't care.

  • Material/Finish/Coating
  • Anodized Aluminum – either type II or III (Hard Anodized) (Aluminum, specifically HA, is the most common material/finish for today's higher end flashlights).

  • Water resistance
  • IPX7 (Waterproof to 1 meter/30min)

  • Storage conditions
  • In house and Automobile glove-box

  • Special Needs/extras:
  • Pocket/belt clip

I live on a farm so need to light up around barns out to 150 feet in the pasture.
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Jul 19, 2014
Mobjack Bay
Malkoff MDC Bodyguard V2 18650 Flashlight


Just throwing this out there. It may not be what you want. But I want it, and that's really all that matters. I expect you want a flashlight that maintains 800+ lumens for an hour without dimming or stepping down and yet still clips in your pocket without frightening children. I wish you luck in finding such a unicorn.

Some other ideas, since what you've requested will actually pretty much suck for S&R:

Noctigon KR1 Pocket Thrower
-can be configured to be bright, and will throw

Noctigon K1 Thrower
-as above, larger head diameter equates to further throw

816Lm max brightness, but K1 holds output above 700Lm for 25 minutes. O.O

Noctigon and Emisar are very nice lights for the price, but the Andúril 2 UI may be finicky for S&R, however.

Fire-Foxes FF5GT Xenon HID 15000lm 2400m Thrower Search Flashlight

Wuben A1

Surefire UDR Dominator
The S&R overachiever.

If you can find a halogen socket for the KT4 head, you can build a sweet S&R spotlight for less than half the cost of a UDR Dominator that is arguably better because it will cut through precipitous weather better than LED can.


If it isn't obvious, this custom light runs on two 26650, so you'd want to have more for swaps. Also, you'll want several G4 halogen lamps, as lamp lifetime is estimated at about 4 hours. But don't be skeptical, this will hold 1000+ lumens for an hour. Trick is finding the socket or finding someone who can make it for you. Total estimated cost for the hardware, a few cell swaps and a fistful of lamps >$500. Won't fit in your pocket, but it'll be rock solid, won't disappoint, and your mates will be envious you can search over a mile away in the rain and fog. Might need binoculars.

As the others have suggested, the Surefire E2D Defender Ultra is still available, though it doesn't quite meet your criteria, as it rapidly drops from maximum brightness during the first 15 minutes then appears to hold regulation around 530Lm for the remainder of its runtime. It's really not bad, but it isn't 1000Lm or 800Lm either.
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Nov 13, 2001
80s/90s? Closer to 2005-2010 time frame for the Surefire E2D ultra led if I recall correctly. A standard E2D with a MN03 bulb would be prior to that.

As said by bykfixer , get another E2D ultra led, or throw a 16650 cell into your current one with a VME head and Malkoff drop in.