Recommendations for a spotlight to scare off wildlife at night?


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Oct 2, 2011
Hi All,

we live in a rural area, lots of wildlife especially at night, coyote, skunks, opossums, however, this never used to be a problem our as older dogs always stayed in at night, but not the youngest one. she is as cute as can be, but this fearless little monster demands to be let out at night, and then barks at whatever is out there. (she already killed five skunks... in addition to numerous other critters)

I am thinking that a strong spotlight might scare off whatever critter the she is barking at, and will let the neighbors and us have a better night's sleep...

Amazon have lots of CCC (Cheap Chinese Crap) at around $30, which might be just good enough for my needs, but I am looking for your advice before I buy.

I'd like to keep price around $50-$80, size/weight does not matter, as is run time (only about 10 minutes per night), but I would like a long reach, about 600-800 feet of very bright light. strobe mode might also be useful.

from reading this forum, I understand that I need to look for candlepower rather than lumens.

and seems that Lumintop GT Mini might be a good choice for my needs...

any other advice is more than welcome,



Lou Minescence

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Mar 12, 2011
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Hi avicarmi,
I have found animals find light disturbing. It wont necessarily scare them off unless you manage to shine lots of light at them. So your findings about candlepower being best is correct. The more intense hot spot you can shine at the animal the more likely it is to leave the area. I usually shine at lower levels first to find the animals eyes looking back. Then I will shine at the eyes with the highest intensity to scare it off. Eventually the animal leaves but not always. If they don't leave I walk twords them shining them and they leave the area every time. Eventually animals will avoid your home area because they don't like being disturbed.


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Dec 5, 2009
Sarasota, FL
My neighbor used a lower power light to find the animals that were causing a disturbance at night. He then, at my suggestion, used an LEP light to shine at them. It really worked and kept them away.