Recommendations on a good throw flashlight


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Dec 4, 2012
+1 for the Armytek Predator

Pro version just means the light is fully programmable. Non-pro gives you fewer options, locks you into step regulation, and gives you more light on max. This differentiation extends to both the Predator and the Viking.

The Predator specializes in throw, while the Viking gives you a larger hotspot and more total light output.


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Oct 17, 2013
Manchester UK
I would get your dad a d40a as will amaze him as..........well its amazing little light,4xAA so easy to fuel if he runs out of juice.Kicks out serious lumens,good for walking and good throw all in something he can keep in his pocket unlike a tk75(unless he has big pockets)

Then you decide on a beast,the tk75 pretty much nails everything,flood and throw.

Thats what i would do being sensible............which is a rare thing:)

Get his some AA eneloops to feed the sunwayman d40a,and 4 spare AA cells for the "just in case"

Its a safer option and its a very good light......

That is my advice only from what i would do myself if in same circumstances..........