Recommendations please! Torchnoob, but familiar with the tech


Newly Enlightened
Dec 28, 2014
I've wanted to pick up a nice flashlight for a few years now. As a kid, I always wanted one of those 4D Maglites, but I realize those are both overkill in size and underpowered. I'm also very familiar with Li-Ion and LiFePO4 tech (I use a Shorai LiFePO4 battery in my car). My girlfriend just picked up a LED Lenser M3R (made in Germany, the real deal, not a clone) and it got me thinking that I'm overdue to get a decent light of my own.

Help me pick out a flashlight, please :D

I have a streamlight TLR-2 on my SIG Sauer P226, and that's ~80lm. My car runs LED headlights (TruckLite something or other) which output 1700lm on lowbeams and 3000+lm on highbeams. I don't need the fury of the sun, but, I'd like to have a good light for exploring dark places.

Budget: soft cap at $125, hard limit at $200
Size: something I can fit in my pocket, or on my belt. Ideally, something that has a MOLLE/PALS holster for it. 1-3x 18650, or 1-2 26650
Tech: LED for sure, Li-Ion or LiFePO4
Lumens target: 200lm sustained minimum, ideally a lot more than that.
Range: I don't need to see things .5km out or anything like that, but, adjustable focus would be helpful. Sometimes you need a flood, and sometime you need a beam, right?
Models I have considered: Zebralight SC600 (/W, unsure)
Material: Al, Ti, Mg, some kind of alloy I assume.
Finish: doesn't really matter, ideally a matte or eggshell grey/black, nothing fancy.

I need you to suggest:

1) the torch itself.
2) proper battery.
3) proper charger for the above batteries.
4) good place to purchase all of the above at a cheap price.

Thanks all for your input :)