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For Sale - Flashlight [Reduced] Surefires, Modlite, Malkoff, Maglite

Sep 16, 2020
Hello CPF! Here comes another round of sales for pre-spring cleaning. I got back into a Surefire kick and now need to clean out any that I'm not using (y'all know how it is).

All prices include shipping within the US. All lights do not come with batteries unless otherwise stated. Discounts for purchases on multiple items.

I might ship international, but the buyer will need to cover the actual cost and any add-ons like insurance. I take PayPal FF, add 4% for GS.


Top to bottom, left to right:

Malkoff M61 Deep Red V1: $50
Standard brightness, bought from the surplus on the group buy. Less than a few hours of use on it.

Elzetta Bravo with ZFL head and Malkoff M61N: $100
This has a click tail cap, some dings and wear on the anodizing but functionally solid. Has lens and gasket in the head to seal the drop-in.

Surefire E2D Defender (1000 lumen): $150 $130
Body and tail cap has heavy wear, head is brand new. I bought it as a 500 lumen model but the LED burned out. I sent it to SureFire and then sent it back with a brand new latest head.

Surefire E1D Defender (300 lumen): $175
Good condition with slight wear on the light here and there. Pictured slightly wrong, will come with a scalloped tail.

Surefire E2D with Lumens Factory body (200 lumen): $140 $130
Head and tail are used and with light wear. Body is brand new. Pictured slightly wrong, will come with smooth Z68 tail cap.

Convoy M21B with FC40: $40 $35
Like new, high CRI and super bright. Programmable 12-group driver.

Surefire U2 Ultra (Seoul P4): $125 $115
Great condition, completely stock and functions 100%. Takes CR123 x2 or 16650 x1.

Surefire U2 Ultra (Luxeon V): $125
Great condition, light brightness does blink down to lowest between modes, but I was told this was a common quirk. This body has the internal sleeve and it has been loosened to allow for 18650 cell use.

Modlite PLHv2 with HOG body: $350 $325
The head is a single-fuel PLHv2. All parts are like new, comes with a Modlite 21700 battery and Thrym Switchback clip.

Malkoff MD4 Host: $95
Brand new directly from Malkoff. Complete host, just needs a drop-in and batteries. Standard non-hi/lo ring in the head.

MagLite 3D with Malkoff adapter and M91T: $175 $160
Near turn-key set. Just needs two protected button top 21700 cells to work. I'll throw in the stock reflector and parts so the MagLite can be reverted back to stock condition.
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Johnny Ryall

Newly Enlightened
Sep 16, 2021
In on the deep red drop in & md4 body
Payment sent
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Mar 29, 2017
Surefire E1D Defender (300 lumen): $175
Good condition with slight wear on the light here and there. Pictured slightly wrong, will come with a scalloped tail.

Ill take it


Flashlight Enthusiast
Apr 4, 2006
Interested in the Malkoff adaptor for the MagLite if you ever decide to part things out.