Relative "durability and quality" of these 3 brands: Sofirn, Zebra, and Convoy?


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Dec 3, 2008
I've never owned a Coast flashlight, but I've never seen this company in a high quality listing. I only know that before ANSI FL-1 they were considered to lie a lot about their output/runtime. I do not know for now.

I have owned 5 different Fenix models over the years. I gave some away, I sold others and I lost one. I still have an L1D Premium Q5 and an LD41. I've never had a problem with them and you can easily see that it's a quality product by handling one. They are very efficient and well regulated. Unfortunately I don't buy fenix lights anymore as they mostly stick to cool LED colors and not so low levels.

Next comes Zebralight... After my first purchase, I remained loyal to the brand for 7 years (just bought an emisar D4V2 to try). Over time, I bought 8 Zebra lights. Before I buy a new flashlight I make sure I get something better so I keep looking at new reviews, but the only time I see a better light is when zebralight (used to) comes out with a new model. At least for my needs and tastes. Everyone's different. If I want a tactical light, I won't look at their website... . From the moment you handle their light, you do think fenix/olight are making quality lights, but also that your light is above. Yes, they are expensive, but you get what you pay for. If you live outside of the US they are VERY expensive. Need to pay for a "man on the middle" and also customs fees once in a while. Here in Canada, after the USD-CAD conversion and reshipping charges, my SC64w ended up costing 172 CAD. The SC600w: 199 CAD. Personally, I'd rather have a very satisfying $200 light, then have three OK lights at $66. But I can totally understand someone thinking the other way.


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Nov 18, 2016
My anecdotal experience is that all three of the brands you mentioned are good lights for the cost. Sofirn and Convoy are amazing lights if you consider the cheap price. Zebralight makes higher quality products, but they also charge more.

If you just want a bright light for cheap that will probably work reasonably long, get a Convoy or Sofirn (the SC31pro is nice). If you want a higher level of fit and finish with more durability you can pay more for a Zebralight.


Jan 18, 2021
If you want the best chinese light available go with zebralight. They are top notch. Durable, reliable, great regulation, great runtimes, lightweight & compact for their given battery type, and have a very tough type III hard anodized finish. Once you get used to the way modes work you'll find zebras are more versatile and useful than most lights. A zebralight should last you a very long time and they're worth the premium price.

Sofirn and convoy are great values and definitely worth buying but I see them as more disposable. You may have to replace them after a couple years, or you may not. The biggest downside with them is lack of regulation, and they will usually be larger and heavier than more expensive lights with the same battery type.

The only problem I ever had with a sofirn was a light with a bad parasitic drain issue, but they sent me a warranty replacement no problem.

One of my convoys has had two hard drops and is finnicky with the switch sometimes. Another one is very occasionally finnicky with the switch. Convoys give you more emitter options than most lights, and are the best way to explore emitters in a good light for a low cost.
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