Remove strobe mode on LED light bar


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Jun 5, 2024
Hi all,

I got to USB-C chargeable light bars that I use as a reading light. It has magnets to stay n the wall, so it's easy to take for a trip in the house at night.
Press once : normal lightning mode
Press long : adjust intensity
Press again : strobe mode 1
Press again : strobe mode 2
Press again : off

I there a way to remove these strobe mode while keeping the itensity adjust feature ?
If yes , what should I try ?
If no, can I still just remove the strobe modes ?

I have dug a bit on this forum, and some posts seem to indicate what I'm loking for, but as having basic electronic knowledge, I'm not sure how to apply it to my case specfically, and would grately appreciate having an indication on what component would need to be remove/chanbe. I can solder things, I just don't know what's doing what :(

Many thanks, Finn


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Sep 16, 2020
Usually the UI (user interface) with mode changes are not a physical part that can be modified; rather, it is software/firmware programmed on a controller chip that reads your button presses. The controller then adjusts the output as it is programmed from the factory.

Unfortunately it likely won't be an easy modification without reprogramming a new chip and/or swapping it out with the stock chip.

The easier route will be to purchase a different light with a fully programmable interface like Anduril.

Here is a list of very nice, affordable, and programmable lights. The maker/seller is reputable and respected in the flashlight community. Most of these lights have an option to have a magnet in the tail.