Replacing my Eagletac P10c


Newly Enlightened
Dec 28, 2008
I just lost my P10c this weekend and need something to replace it.

If the p10c worked right itd be exactly what i need in that i keep it clipped next to my wallet clipped on my jean pocket and the clip is at the end of the light leaving nothing sticking out. and the throw is good and it is plenty bright. but i dont want to buy another one cause it has something wrong with the design. i have had a couple of them and each one has had the same problem. it will periodically fail and you just have to wait a couple seconds before it will work. the led will glow but so dim you can barely tell its glowing. the other issue is the lens. if i drop it on bezel it is liable to break the lens. i cant find lenses that are the right size and the seals on the lens are no good. it aint waterproof.

so im looking for a similar single cr123a light with the clip even with the end of the light that i aint gonna have trouble with. what can yall recomend as my options?