Retirement trips planned-Need a new light



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Sep 20, 2008
Edit-Repost form wrong place. Sorry.

Good afternoon.

It’s been years since I dropped by. Glad to see things still humming along.

I was looking for a new EDC and went to the Malkoff products page and realized I couldn’t understand the descriptions (McClicky forward clicky (latching) switch-huh? Chuckle)

So I thought I’d ask you guys for some help. Then I found the list of newbie questions. So here goes. Above all, I want a tank of a light in an 18650 size format. Buy once; cry once.


PS-What a great list of questions!

1. Mail order. Need by Sept 4 for a trip to Kodiak.
2. Up to $300. But it would have to be a heck of a light.
3. Format-Flashlight. Tail clicky with momentary.
4. 18650 size (or cr123). E.g. Nitecore MH12.
5. LED
6. Any manufacturer. But happy to support quality custom.
7. 18650/CR123 unless there is something better out now.
7. a. I usually recharge my 18650 in a separate charger but no objection to an on board usb charger as well.
8. I would like search and rescue level light with the option to step down several levels to moonlight. I’d also like a strobe function and an SOS function. Though the SOS is maybe optional.
9. Wide-throw
9. a. 1-150 yards depending on brightness I’m using.
10. 90 minute runtime? I’ve never used my light for more than a 30 minute walk but more would be better. Can carry extra 18650.
11. Durability-Critical. I will be out places and doing things. I need a tool I can absolutely rely on. Able to withstand recoil would be nice should the need arise.
12. I believe I want a tail switch with momentary.
13. Multiple light levels, strobe, beacon, sos.
14. Metal. Probably alu.
15. Ipx-7 or 8 water resistance. Will be sailing in salt water.
16. Storage in house and auto. Texas temps in car 130 F plus.
17. A clip would be great. A lanyard attachment is necessary. No crenulated bezel please. A somewhat shrouded lens would seem like a good idea.


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Sep 20, 2020
"...that famous Texas part of Hamburg"
Take 2: Well, you were bang on with Malkoff already. Forward clicky simply means that it’s a clicky switch with momentary function (half press for momentary, full press for constant on).

Most lights which excel at durability (like Malkoff) don’t tend to have a heap of features (more complicated electronics and interface = less durable and/or less reliable). The Malkoff MD2 (which you likely already looked at) also comes with a Hi/low switch, and to my eyes the low is plenty dim enough to almost pass as a "moon light", but still bright enough to spot things at close distance. On high it’s got plenty of throw for its output. Malkoff also sells a clip for the MD2. This clip also has a dedicated lanyard attachment point.

It’s got all your bases covered apart from a "super low" mode and sos/strobe. In your case Id advice just to get a smaller backup light with those features, and to use the MD2 as your primary light. It’s not worth it to compromise for a less durable/dependable light for features one is likely never going to use in the first place IMO.


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Sep 20, 2008
Qué lástima!

Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, sold out. Maybe I can find used.


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