[Review] Acebeam Color Filters for EC50 GEN II and EC60


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Dec 15, 2015
"for submission to the review forum"

I've owned the Acebeam EC50 GEN II for some time now, and is one of my favorite flashlights. I've recommended it on many occasions. Recently I inquired about purchasing the filters Acebeam now makes for the EC50 GEN II and the EC60. They sent me the whole filter package and asked me to post a review. So here it is.

The filters are high quality glass, screw in type filters, just like camera lens filters. They come in Red, Green, Amber, and a Diffuser. Not sure why no blue, which might come in handy for hunters.


In order to use these filters you must have the threaded bezel. Acebeam says that all new EC50 GEN II and EC60 flashlights now come with the threaded bezel. For those who don't have the bezel, Acebeam says they are available from an Acebeam dealer. You have to ask. If you are buying a new light, ask the dealer to do a visual check. (my advise)


The filter housings are nicely machined black anodized aluminum, and have a threaded ring that holds the filter into the housing.



At first appearance, they don't look like they screw down all the way, but they do. It actually makes them easier to unscrew.


There are many arguments about what filters are good for which situation, such as red being good for not disturbing night vision, and amber for cutting through fog, etc… I will leave that up to you to research and decide. Personally, I deer hunt in the fall. I usually walk out to the blind while it's still dark in the morning, and feel using the green or red filter will help to conceal myself a little better. I take my kids camping a few weeks every summer. One of these filters might be useful to not disturb other people while walking through the campgrounds at night.

Here are a few beam shots with comments. With the low light limitations of my camera, all pictures are taken with the light in turbo mode. The far end of the fence is approx 80ft, or 25m in distance.

Green filter


Amber Filter


Red filter… This is the filter my camera had the most difficult time with at distance. Included are a few close up picts to get a better idea.




And finally the diffuser filter

Flashlight Without diffuser


And With diffuser


I don't know the pricing on these. You'll have to ask your dealer, and if the dealer is on the ball, they will know to make sure you either have, or get a threaded bezel.

Thanks for looking