Review Armytek Predator Pro Magnet USB (Warm)

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Dec 3, 2012
Armytek Predator Pro Magnet USB (warm) was sent to me directly by for review.

For the technical details of the flashlight and for the purchase: is external)
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Color temperature: warm
Optic: smooth reflector
Light output, lumen: 1400 lm
Beam distance, meters: 494 m
Light stabilization type: Full (constant light)
Hot spot: Spill: 5 °: 40 °
Mode number: 6
Autonomy in maximum mode: 1 h 33 min (650 lm after 3 min)
Autonomy in minimum mode: 32 h
Stroboscopic mode
Material: aircraft aluminum
Abrasive finish: Premium type III hard anodizing 400 HV
Waterproof and dustproof standard: IP68
Safe diving depth: 25m
Safe Fall Height: 25m
Operating temperatures: -40 +40 ° C
Battery compatibility: 1x18650 lithium-ion
Protection from accidental ignition
Color battery status indication
Low battery indication
Dimensions and weight:
Head diameter: 41 mm
Body diameter: 25.4mm
Length: 160 mm
Weight (without battery) 136 g
Weight (with battery) 186 g


Predator Pro Magnet USB is compatible with the magnetic remote switch (optional) MRS-01 for momentary or fixed ignition. Connection is quick and easy without unscrewing the tailcap.
Armytek provides free repairs under warranty for 10 years (excluding batteries, chargers, switches and connectors, which have a 2 year warranty) from the date of purchase. The warranty does not extend to damage caused by improper use.


Armytek Predator Pro (Warm) arrived in a black cardboard box with the main characteristics that distinguish it listed above.


Inside the package we find:
- Armytek Predator Pro "Warm" version
- 3500mAh Armytek 18650 rechargeable battery
- USB magnetic charging cable (owner)
- Holster
- Steel clip
- Adjustable wrist lanyard
- Silicone tactical ring
- Spare O-ring
- Multilingual manual


Predator Pro comes in the holster supplied with the flashlight. The holster is in nylon, elasticated on the sides. It is simple and well made, soft enough with a hook and loop closure. At the rear we find a metal D-ring and a double loop in the center, including a button one. Once inserted in the holster, the Predator Pro remains firmly in place.

The battery supplied with the Armytek Predator Pro is a 3500mAh rechargeable 18650 (flat) with thermal protection.


Armytek Predator Pro allows you to use any 18650 Li-ion battery, with or without PCB, with discharge current of 10A and provides complete protection against short circuit even in case of contact between magnetic connector and metal objects.


Armytek Predator Pro is a tactical flashlight with a narrow light beam and a throw of the beam that reaches to cover up to 494 meters. It is particularly suitable for specialized tasks and hunting. Predator Pro has been updated keeping the best features of the previous version with new firmware and electronics, new silent tactical button, fast magnetic charger, new pole springs etc.
Predator Pro is built in aeronautical aluminum with an anti-abrasive finish and has 2 modes of use: Hunting and Tactical.
Thanks to the Cree XHP35HI LED and a smooth reflector, it has a light output of 1400 lumens and is powered by a 3500mAh 18650 rechargeable battery (included in the sales package) and comes with a magnetic charger.
Predator Pro has 6 brightness levels and a maximum autonomy of 32 hours.
It is IP68 certified (waterproof and dustproof) with a maximum immersion depth of 25 m for 5 hours.


Predator Pro has a good construction and finish and holds well in the hand even in rainy conditions. Excellent grip, normal and tactical, thanks to the silicone ring; good size and weight; 160 mm for 136 g (without battery).


On the head of the Predator Pro we find a SMO and deep dish with the Cree XHP35HI (Warm) LED, well centered. Armytek Predator Pro is equipped with tempered glass with anti-reflective coating and a steel bezel with anti-reflective and slightly crenulated matt black titanium coating useful for optics protection or as a personal defense.


Change the arrangement of the writings that are well done numerous examples.


The central body of the Predator Pro is smooth. On the body we find the space to insert the supplied Clip, small but rigid, and the tactical ring which also has the ability to prevent the torch from rolling.


The threads of the central tube arrive well lubricated. They are anodized in the lower part allowing, by slightly unscrewing the cap, the mechanical locking of the torch. In the upper part, as in the lower one, we find a double O-ring for water and dust protection. Armytek Predator Pro is IP68 certified (25 meters submersible for 5 hours).

At the two poles, for contact with the battery, we find new, fairly thick, plated springs. The Predator Pro has reverse polarity protection mechanism.


The tail design with the unscrewable cap and the new two-phase electronic switch is very nice.
The new button in the tail, in metal and rubber, has two levels of pressure, momentary and fixed, it is silent and more resistant. Being protruding it is easier to find and press it.
The switch is compatible with the optional MRS-01 magnetic remote switch, for momentary ignition and fixed light, without unscrewing the tailcap.

On the tail cap there is a hole for inserting the supplied lanyard. Since the switch protrudes, it is not possible to put the flashlight upright (candle).


In the package we find the USB magnetic charging cable that allows fast and on-the-fly charging.
To recharge the 18650 battery supplied with the flashlight, just adhere the magnetic connector to the tailcap.


Charger not connected:
Green: The device is in standby mode.
Charger connected:
• Flashing green: Battery voltage assessment.
• Flashing red: clean the external and internal contacts of the tailcap, as well as the contact areas of the charger.
• Flashing orange: The voltage of the USB power source is too low to be corrected
charging continuation or bad contact between charger and battery.
Red: Charging with nominal charge current is in progress.
• Orange: The voltage of the USB power source is too low, the charging current is
Green: Charging is complete.


User Interface (UI):

Armytek Predator Pro
has 2 modes of use: Hunting and Tactical. The Predator Pro user interface is particular, different from that used by other brands, more difficult to remember but well designed.
To switch from one type of mode to another, the torch head must be unscrewed and tightened at least 10 times. The pause between the moves must be less than 1 sec. At the end the flashlight flashes once, confirming the action.

Levels available:

Turbo 1400 lm - 1h33min (680 lm after 3 min)
Main3 280 lm - 5h13min
Main2 112 lm - 12h20min
Main1 37 lm - 32h
Strobe2 1400 lm / 15Hz - 3h (680 lm after 3 min)
Strobe1 112 lm / 15Hz - 23h


Instructions taken from the Manual:
Before use: Tighten the tail cap all the way.

Permanent on. The first full click of the button turns on the flashlight.
The second full click deactivates it.
Momentarily turned on. Turned on by pressing the button halfway (no click)
and active until the button is released.
. Before turning on the flashlight in Turbo mode, tighten the flashlight head if it is unscrewed.
Additional modes. Before turning on the flashlight in the additional modes unscrew the head by 1/8 if it is tightened. Full click activates the last additional mode used.
Scroll through additional modes. To change additional modes turn the flashlight ON or OFF (with a full click or half-press). The flashlight must not be turned off for more than 2 sec. The modes change cyclically in:
Main1 - Main2 - Main3 - Strobe2 (if enabled).
Add / Remove Strobe2 in additional modes. Turn on the flashlight by pressing it halfway at least 20 times. The flashlight must not be turned on for more than 1 sec. The last step must be a full click. The flashlight flashes
once, confirming the action.

Constant light
. Before turning on the flashlight in constant light, tighten the head if it is unscrewed.
Changing the constant light modes. The head is tightened: unscrew it 1/8 and tighten again in 1 sec. Turbo and Main2 will change cyclically.
Strobe. Before turning on the flashlight in Strobe mode, unscrew the head 1/8 if it is tight.
Changing the strobe modes. The head is unscrewed: tighten it and unscrew again by 1/8. Strobe1 and Strobe2 will change cyclically.
Self-storage. After switching off, the last used mode is memorized for quick access to the next switch on.
Active temperature control. When the temperature of the flashlight becomes close to +58 ° С, the brightness decreases to a safe value, allowing the flashlight to avoid overheating for a long time. In conditions of good air cooling, the flashlight emits light without stepping down.

Armytek Predator Pro Magnet USB next to other flashlights.


Beam and Runtime
The beam of the Armytek Predator Pro has good coloring and a concentrated beam with a well focused spot thanks to the smooth and deep reflector. With the wall test, you can see some rings and a central light point which, however, do not affect normal use.


The color temperature measured with the OPPLE Light Master instrument in "Turbo" mode is about 4700K with a CRI of about 90. I didn't notice PWM. The spill is not very usable given the type of projector, it is however possible to use the Predator Pro to illuminate the path of the walk.




The runtime tests were done in a closed environment with a temperature of about 20° C with the supplied battery, a fully charged 3500mAh Armytek 18650.
The Predator Pro heats up quickly when used on the Turbo; during runtime, in Turbo mode, I took two temperatures with the Flir thermal imaging camera; the first after 10 minutes and the second after 30 minutes.


Note: I would like to clarify that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they are made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.

The first test was done by putting the Predator Pro in Turbo mode at 1400 lumens. The value measured in candles by me in Turbo mode (40200cd), in my tests, is lower than that assumed for this "warm" model with warm light (about 7% less) while the runtime time reflects that declared by the house mother.
After about 2 minutes from switching on, there is a sudden decrease in brightness which settles at a value slightly lower than half of the initial one. The curve then remains constant up to about 85 minutes from switching on to slowly go towards exhaustion.
When the battery is almost empty (brightness of the mode is about <25% of the nominal value) the Predator Pro emits two flashes to warn the user to replace or recharge the battery.

The first 10 minutes:

I placed a small fan next to the Predator Pro to see the discharge curve with forced ventilation. From the graph it can be seen that things do not change much compared to the test without.
The runtime test with the Predator Pro in Main3 mode (280 lm) shows a constant trend since start-up for over 4 hours.



Armytek Predator Pro Magnet USB
is a flashlight particularly recommended for those who go hunting, mounted on a rifle, or for specialized jobs, for those who need a real tactical flashlight. Of the Predator Pro I particularly liked the smooth, matte finish and the particular user interface but in my opinion practical and functional.
Always appreciable the color of the LED in this neutral color and excellent use of the "mute" switch in the tail.
Predator Pro Magnet USB comes in a basic package, there is also a more complete package in a carrying case, but complete with battery, adjustable lanyard and nylon case. Good levels, which include 2 types of strobe, maybe a Low 1 lumen level is missing in the light levels.
Thank you for reading the review.

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Flashlight Enthusiast
Aug 30, 2014
Fairfax Va
Good review. I have so many Armytek lights I do not know where all of them are. I have yet to get one of the new 3.5 Gen AT lights though. The only thing that I do not like about AT's is that they have the user interface of a Rubiks Cube. Aside from that they are arguably some of the best lights on the market. I really dig the super hard coatings and especially the prescription grade lens and prescription grade anti-reflective coating. I have yet to see any other maker attempt to market lenses that are this high quality.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Mar 22, 2013
Southern Ontario
The turbo step down, If you turn the light off and turn it back on again will it go back up to the full brightness?

Newly Enlightened
Dec 3, 2012
I did some quick tests on the reactivation of the turbo. I hope to be able to do a behavior chart later.
Unfortunately, the brightness level on subsequent turbo activations are each time smaller as cd and as time before it drops in level.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Mar 22, 2013
Southern Ontario
Great. Thanks for testing that. I was wondering if the turbo time was based on voltage or just part of the programming. Looks like voltage

Newly Enlightened
Dec 3, 2012
I add a test on the Runtime in "TURBO" mode by simulating various reactivations in this level for 15 minutes. At the end of the test the battery used showed 3.95V.