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Jan 10, 2017
Hi guys, today we will see the Armytek Uni C2: the multichemical charger with independent channels. The product was supplied directly by Armytek for review. To this link you can find all the information on the product.


Main features
• Intelligent automatic detection of battery type, charge level and optimal current
• Supports IMR, Li-Ion 4.2V, Li-Ion 4.35V, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd and Li-FePO4 batteries
• Quick charge with fully independent channels and 1A current for each
• Easy selection of battery type and charge current with one button per each channel
• Over-discharged and sleeping battery activation function with safe 0.1A current
• Multi-color LED indication with Night mode and useful 5 LEDs per channel
• Designed for excellent heat dissipation ±C° and made with fire-proof materials
• Auto-detection of bad batteries, reverse polarity and primary batteries
• Monolitic design with AC 85-264V input and DC 9-14V car adapter inside
• Automatically stops the charging when complete depending on the battery
• Charging of the batteries with diameter 10..32mm and length 30..70mm, for example: AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, 10440, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18650, 26650, 32650
• Digital control of precise charge algorithm and advanced safety features to extend battery lifespan
• Instant battery type and current indication upon installation and their easy individual settings per channel (after auto-detection of IMR/Li-Ion 4.2V or Ni-MH/Ni-Cd 1.5V)
• Capability of hand settings for battery type and low current, also charging of battery, which is recognized as bad
• Always visible LED indication of the current and battery charge level per each channel (without button touching)
• Auto-memorization of last used battery type
• Night mode of LED indication with lower brightness after 30 sec
• Short-circuit and overtime prevention to protect batteries (20 hours for 0.5/1A and 30 hours for 0.1A current)
• Soft-start function to avoid damage from high current
• Optimized charge algorithm for IMR and Li-Ion/Li-FePO4 batteries with Trickle charge and CC/CV stages
• Utilizes independent negative delta V control (dV/dt) for Ni-MH/ Ni-Cd batteries charging termination

Technical Parameters
• Input: AC 85-264V / 0.5A (50/60Hz) or DC 9-14V / 1A
• Output per each channel:
• Voltage: 4.35V / 4.2V / 3.7V / 1.5V
• Current: 1A / 0.5A / 0.1A
• Low Cut-off current: 40mA (0.5A) or 80mA (1A)
• Size / Weight: 145x72x37mm / 168g

Product description
The Armytek Uni C2 comes in a colored cardboard box with all the main product information printed on it. Inside the package we find:
• The Charger Armytek Uni C2
• The 110 / 220V power cable
• The 12V car adapter cable
• Instruction manual






The Armytek Uni C2 is a multi-function charger with independent channels that allows you to charge Ni-Mh / Ni-Cd, Li-Ion and IMR batteries quickly and safely. It is built entirely in plastic, really well done and studied in detail. The materials are quality and the workmanship is exceptional.
Its design guarantees excellent heat dissipation. The material with which it is built is fireproof.



It is not equipped with a display but there are Multicolor status LEDs, five for each channell, that shows all information of the status and progress of the recharge but also on any problems or incorrect insertion of the batteries.





The Uni C2 is able to recognize the type of battery that is inserted and choose the right level of charge and the optimal current for it. The channels are independent and also guarantee a fast recharge up to 1A of current each.
On the front there are two large yellow buttons that allow you to select the slot and change the charging current and the type of battery. They stand out slightly, their run is short and they are very reactive and precise.





The contacts are well made, the sliding slides and the springs are quite soft. It follows that the insertion of the batteries is very simple even using only one hand.






There are no problems of length or width, in fact particularly long batteries like the Panasonic NCR18650B do not have problems to enter. It is also possible to charge two 26650 batteries simultaneously.










Power cables are good.








Functions of the Armytek Uni C2

Initialization: All the LEDs of each channel light up orange one by one (after switching on). The upper LED lights up green if the slot is empty. This means that the charger is ready. When the battery is inserted the recharge will start immediately.


Automatic start: The charger automatically detects 4.2V IMR / Li-Ion batteries or Ni-MH / Ni-Cd batteries.

Recharge: The upper LED lights up green when the current is automatically set at 0.5 A. The actual charge level can always be displayed. The flashing red LEDs indicate the charge status (> 0%,> 25%,> 50%,> 75%). When charging ends, all the LEDs will remain green and stop flashing.


Selection of charge current: It is possible to set the charging current within 5 seconds of the automatic start-up phase. It is also possible to do this during the charging phase, just select the appropriate slot and press the button to change the charging speed (0.5A - 1.0A - 0.1A). It is racommended using a 1 A current for batteries with a capacity greater than 2000mAh. But the current at 0.1 A is more effective for old batteries, or when the capacity is less than 300mAh. Otherwise, 0.5A can be used as the default current.


Selection of battery type: It is possible to change the type of battery within 5 seconds of the Auto-start phase or even during the charging phase. Just select the appropriate slot and hold down the button to change the chemistry of the battery to be charged. After releasing the button, after 3 seconds the setting will be saved and the recharge will start


Automatic storage of the battery type: The last type of battery used is stored for quick start at the next power up. This is also useful when the power goes out temporarily. In fact, the charger can continue the charging process with the correct battery type when it is turned back on.

How to prepare the IMR / Li-Ion batteries for storage: When you need to store the batteries for a few months without use, select the "LiFePO4 3.7V" battery type button when charging. The 3.7 V voltage is ideal for storing these batteries.

Night mode The LED brightness will automatically decrease after 30 seconds. Click on a button to return to the maximum LED brightness.

Overtime Protection: The charger protects the batteries by limiting recharge times (20 hours for a current of 0.5 / 1 A and 30 hours for a current of 0.1 A).

The charging time: The charging algorithm uses the deltaV (dV / dt) control for Ni-MH / Ni-Cd batteries to end the charging phase and a firmware optimized for IMR batteries and Li-Ion / Li-FePO4. The charger stops automatically when charging is complete.

Active temperature control: The design of the charger has been developed for excellent heat dissipation. However when the temperature rises too much the charging current will be reduced from 1A to 0.5A.

Maintenance charge: When the battery remains in the charger for a long time and the voltage drops below a certain threshold, charging will automatically resume to keep the battery always at 100%.

Warning and Error Detection

4 constant red lights after battery installation:
The battery has a very high internal resistance recognized as defective (it can be a primary battery or a chemistry of low quality).

4 constant red lights after 15 minutes of charge: The Li-Ion / LiFePO4 battery did not reach 3V during normal restoring time. You can try charging again but in this case it is advisable to dispose of the cell.

4 flashing red lights after installing the battery: The battery has been inserted with the wrong polarity or is short-circuited.

0V battery activation: This charger is able to automatically activate discharged batteries and with blocked PCB using the safety current of 0.1 A.

Automatic detection of abnormal situations: The charger recognizes defective batteries, reverse polarity and primary batteries.
It is not possible to recharge primary batteries. Do not charge broken batteries or if the contacts may be short-circuited.

Final considerations
The Armytek Uni C2 is a complete charger that is simple to use. There are all the basic functions to manage the charge of any type of cell.
To start charging, all you have to do is insert the battery into the slot and you're done. The charger will take care of the rest: it will automatically understand the type of cell inserted and set the charging speed and the final voltage that the cell must have.

It is possible to manually change the charging speed between three currents (1.0 - 0.5 - 0.1 Ampere) and the type of cell (Ni-cd - Ni-Mh - Li-Ion - LiFePo4)

The Armytek Uni C2 is also an extremely safe product and made entirely of fireproof material. There is a check on short circuit and polarity inversion, and also a thermal control if the temperature of the charger rises too much.

Among the various functions there is also a check of the internal resistance of the batteries, the recognition of the insertion of primary cells and the function of activation of cells with 0V or with blocked PCB.

Convenient to be able to use the charger powered either in direct current (via power supplies or for example the cigarette lighter of the car) or in alternating current (direct wall socket).

There is not a display but a series of multi-color LEDs that return all information on the amount of charge accumulated, the charging current and the type of battery, and all the warings previously seen.

There is also the "storage" function of the IMR / Li-Ion batteries when you want to safeguard cells that will not be used for a long time. There is no cell discharge function that could be useful for Ni-Mh and Ni-cd batteries.

In short, a valid and efficient product. Simple to use and full of features
Thanks for reading!