Dec 3, 2012
Armytek WIZARD C2 PRO MAX LR Warm was sent to me directly by for the review.


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Armytek WIZARD C2 PRO MAX LR is available in two colors, white and warm light (the one being tested).

has released in recent weeks a new version of the Wizard C2 PRO MAX called "LR", a long-range version of the Wizard C2 Pro Max flashlight. This powerful headlamp now features a * smooth projector* (OP) and a light power that reaches, in the white light version, up to 4150 lumens, covering a greater distance with its beam than the previous MAX version. The version tested is the warm one (Warm) which has the CREE XHP70.2 LED at the center of the projector with a maximum light output of 3870 lumens.
Armytek Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR is a multifunction flashlight with front lighting system powered by a 21700 5000 mAh Li-ion battery (included) rechargeable via the magnetic port located under the cap and with an autonomy maximum of 62 days.
Armytek Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR has IP68 water protection rating (10m for 5 hours) with resistance to drops up to 10 meters and is equipped with an active temperature control system.
Armytek Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR is compatible with the original helmet attachments for industrial work and mountaineering and is suitable for many uses (camping, map reading, fishing, exploration, running, cycling, work, activities outside the home, etc.) with multiple installation variants , used as a front or, thanks to the Clip, mounted on a backpack. It can also be transported in the practical case supplied and has optional accessories for mounting on sports equipment.

Specifications (Warm version):
Color Temperature: Warm (4000K)
LED Type: CREE XHP70.2
Light output, lumens (max): 3870 lumens
Beam distance, meters: 180 meters
Waterproof and dustproof standard: IP68
Safe diving depth: 10 m
Number of modes: 10
Light Levels and Runtime:
•Turbo2: 3870 lm/3h 15min (840 lm after 50 sec)
•Turbo: 1210 lm/3h 20min (840 lm after 12min)
•Main3: 420 lm, 7 h
•Main2: 140 lm, 21 h
•Main1: 42 lm, 64 h
•Firefly2: 6.5 lm, 10 days
•Firefly1: 0.5 lm, 62 days
•Strobe3: 3870 lm/10 Hz/6h 50min (840 lm after 2min)
•Strobe2: 3870 lm/1 Hz/14k (840 lm after 10min)
•Strobe1: 140lm/1Hz/90h

Dimensions and weight: Head diameter: 34.4mm / Body diameter: 23.6mm / Length: 121.5mm
Weight (without battery): 81g

Warranty and assistance
Armytek provides free warranty repairs for 10 years (excluding batteries), chargers, switches and connectors, which have 2 years warranty from the date of purchase if there is a document confirming the purchase. The warranty does not extend to damage during improper use.


Armytek Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR arrives in a black cardboard box. The main features of the torch are specified very well on it, some of which are not present in the small manual supplied. Opening the box we find the torch inside with many accessories included which are: headband, Clip, 2 x O-Rings, case , battery 21700 Li-ion (5000 mAh), magnetic-USB charging cable, adapter for 18650 battery and manual.



In the sales package we find the head band where we will put the Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR for use as a front. The headband, seen on other headbands from the same company, has good quality, the two straps adapt and adjust well on the head making the fit secure. The plastic support where we will attach the torch quickly and easily is discreet. With this support we can rotate the torch 180° safely thanks to the front blocking with an O-ring.


The package also includes a well-made stainless steel Clip to attach the front to a backpack or in a vertical position instead of on the head. This solution adds the possibility of use with less beam depth but reducing possible glare on the eyes.
The clip can be inserted in two different positions and once inserted it remains firmly attached to the torch body.

Armytek Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR is a beautiful and functional flashlight. It is built in aeronautical aluminum with smooth and matt anodization; the surface cleans very well and has good grip in the hand even when wet. Worn on my head for over 2 hours during a walk I had no problems. The weight with the battery inserted is 149 g. while the length reaches 121.5mm. Having a flat tail and head it is possible to put it upright (tail standing) or upside down.



At the top, at the head, we notice a new optical system with a reflector this time smooth with tempered glass with anti-reflective coating surrounded by a slightly protruding steel bezel that offers good protection. Also highlighted are the writings above the head showing the model, serial number and warnings. Since the head is square, it hardly rolls even without the use of the clip.


Wizard C2 PRO Max LR features a Cree XHP70.2 LED in warm version. With this configuration the Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR reaches, with its beam, 3870 lumens with a beam depth of approximately 180 meters and an illumination angle of 35°/85° (hotspot/ spill).


To the left of the projector we find the yellow power button surrounded by a metal circle. The electronic switch, slightly raised, has decent dimensions and a perceptible and comfortable click. It is the only button on the Wizard C2 PRO Max LR for managing the flashlight (UI). Below the button we find a multicolored indicator of the temperature and battery level status with the possibility of deactivating it.



In the Armytek Wizard C2 PRO Max LR the only unscrewable part is the magnetic tail.

Unscrewing the tailcap we notice a thick and plated spring on the negative and a spring also plated on the positive. The threads arrive well greased, we also find two O-rings for water tightness and it is IP68 certified (10m for 5 hours).


Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR is powered by a 5000mAh 21700 format battery (included).

With this configuration we have the possibility of using any standard 21700 or 18650 lithium ion battery (via the included adapter) with a discharge current of 15A.


Wizard C2 PRO Max LR provides complete protection against short circuits even in the event of contact between the magnetic connector and metal objects and allows the physical blocking of the torch by unscrewing the tailcap by ¼ so as to avoid accidental switching on.
In the lower part of the tail cap there is a magnetic, water-resistant connector for charging the torch.

The proprietary USB cable is naturally included in the sales package. The cable is 50 cm long.

The powerful magnet on the cap allows the torch to be stably anchored to iron objects.

To recharge you must remember to unscrew the tailcap 1/4 turn before adhering the magnetic charger to the tailcap.
The charging time, at around 1A, is quite long. It took me about 5 hours and 45 minutes to fully recharge the 5000mAh battery.


There are two light indicators on the base of the charging cable.

With the charger connected, the light is red while charging and turns green when charging is complete.


Armytek Wizard C2 PRO Max LR together with other fronts.
From left: Nitecore HC68, Acebeam H15, Armytek Wizard C2 Pro MAX LR e CYANSKY HS7R.


Wizard C2 PRO Max LR has a total of 10 levels (Advanced Mode) of light.
To switch between modes simply unscrew the tailcap 1/4 while the flashlight is off, press the button and tighten the tailcap while keeping the button pressed and then unscrew it again.

Turbo2: 3870 lm/3h 15min (840 lm after 50 sec)
•Turbo: 1210 lm/3h 20min (840 lm after 12min)
Main3: 420 lm, 7 h
•Main2: 140 lm, 21 h
•Main1: 42 lm, 64 h
Firefly2: 6.5 lm, 10 days
•Firefly1: 0.5 lm, 62 days
Strobe3: 3870 lm/10 Hz/6h 50min (840 lm after 2min)
•Strobe2: 3870 lm/1 Hz/14k (840 lm after 10min)
•Strobe1: 140lm/1Hz/90h

Armytek Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR has active temperature control. When the flashlight temperature approaches +58 °С, the brightness drops to the safe value, allowing the flashlight to avoid overheating for a long period of time. In conditions of good air cooling the torch provides light without decreasing in brightness.
When the battery level is low, approximately <25% of the nominal value, the LED will flash 2 times. At a critical level the light output decreases at Firefly mode.

Modes: Firefly1, Firefly2, Main Mode, Turbo Mode (last used in Advanced, Turbo2 by default).
In the OFF state
1 click: to activate the last used mode. Press and hold: To begin cycling through Firefly modes. Release for
to select. Holding the button will begin to scroll through the main modes.
In the ON state
1 click: to turn off the flashlight.
Press and hold: to start cycling through main modes from any mode. In Firefly1 cycle through the main modes starts after the Firefly mode cycle. Release to select.
2 click: to activate Turbo mode from any mode. The second double-click restores the last used mode.

Mode sections:
[1] – Firefly Mode, [2] – Main Modes, [3] – Turbo Mode, [4] – Strobe Mode
In the OFF state:
1 click: to activate the last used mode.
Press and hold: to activate Firefly1 mode [Section 1]. Keeping the button pressed will start cycling through the modes: Firefly1 - Firefly2 - Main1 - Main2 - Main3 - Turbo1.
In the ON state:
1 click: to turn off the flashlight.
Press and hold: to start scrolling through the modes of the relevant section.
Same in OFF and ON states:
2 click: to activate the main mode [Section 2]. Another double-click will be performed to switch between the modes chosen in [Section 1] and [Section 2].
3 clicks: to activate Turbo mode [Section 3].
4 clicks: to activate Strobe mode [Section 4].
Self-storage. After switching off, the last mode used is stored for quick access the next time it is switched on.
Low battery level. When the battery level is approximately <25%, the LED color will show the warning level by flashing orange once every 2 seconds. With further voltage reduction, the brightness will begin to gradually decrease for the safety of the battery and the user. Critical battery level approximately <10% is indicated by flashing red once per second.
High temperature. When the temperature increases to the warning level, the colored LED flashes orange 3 times once every 2 seconds. In critical level it flashes red 3 times once in 1 second. The brightness starts to reduce to the safe level.
Lock function. Unscrew the tailcap 1/4 to protect against accidental ignition. The status indication will be deactivated.


The beam
of the Wizard C2 PRO Max LR presents no surprises as it has no aberrations or color rings. The ray is spread continuously between the white and large central spot and the yellowish spill.


The beam, even with the OP reflector, is alluvial in nature; it covers the walk well, reaching 80, 90 meters of depth in TURBO2. The MAIN3 level of 420 lumens is more than sufficient for walking safely. I didn't notice PWM.


The color temperature (Kelvin) and color rendering (CRI/Ra) measured with the OPPLE Light Master Pro in the two turbo levels and in the three main levels reports the following values:

Turbo2: 4038K and 70.5 Ra Duv: 0.0046
Turbo: 3992K and 70.5 Ra Duv: 0.0057
Main3: 3963K and 70.2 Ra Duv: 0.0066
Main2: 3944K and 70.4 Ra Duv: 0.0069
Main1: 3948K and 70.9 Ra Duv: 0.0068

The Duv value is discreet, which indicates a small shift towards yellowish, with a color temperature of 4000K.


With a thermal camera I detected the hottest areas on the WIZARD C2 PRO MAX LR in the brightest Turbo2 mode (3870 lumens) after 1 minute after turning it on and after 8 minutes after turning it on.



The runtime tests were carried out in a closed environment (around 18 °C) with the supplied battery fully charged (4.16V). For the tests I used the LX1330B Luxmeter with the values reported in CD.
I would like to point out that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they were made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.
Let's see the discharge curve, without additional ventilation, in TURBO2 (3870 lm), in TURBO1 (1210 lm) and in MAIN3 (420 lm).
In the highest mode, TURBO2, there is a sudden drop after one minute after switching on. Subsequently the brightness, which dropped to approximately 1000 lumens, remains constant for almost 3 hours after start-up before starting to decline due to battery exhaustion.
The test with the TURBO1 level leads to a slow descent after switching on for up to over 26 minutes. Subsequently, the brightness of around 1000 lumens stabilizes for around 3 hours from start-up before starting to decline due to battery exhaustion.
With the last test done with the MAIN3 level, there was constant brightness from start-up for over 400 minutes before the battery was about to run out.
Before turning off the Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR remains on the FIREFLY level for a few hours in all the tests I carried out.
As can be seen from the graph, the Wizard C2 PRO MAX LR is well regulated and the runtime times declared by Armytek are approximately those found in the tests.


The first 40 minutes:




Armytek WIZARD C2 PRO MAX LR is a multifunctional flashlight with excellent build quality.
The sales package is complete with many accessories including a good carrying case. As in other products from the same company, I particularly appreciated the type of smooth and matte finish which allows a good grip with the hands even in case of rain and attracts fewer fingerprints and dirt. The Armytek headlamp can be powered by standard batteries in 21700 format or, via the included adapter, with both flat and button 18650 batteries.
The WIZARD C2 PRO MAX in the LR version produces a beam that is always alluvial in nature with a smaller coverage angle but covers a slightly longer distance while maintaining excellent beam quality.
The regulation managed by the electronics and the working time are good.
Finally, the only negative note is the battery charging time which almost took 6 hours before reaching 4.15V.
Great product.
Thanks for reading the review.

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