Review - EAGTAC TX3G Pro, 2800lm neutral, 26650 and USB C


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Nov 13, 2016
My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
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Over a year ago, I tested three flashlights from EAGTAC - S25L-R and PX30LC2-R and a little later DH10LC2. I use the latter day by day until today

I have been testing two more flashlights from EAGTAC for several weeks. The first one is TX3G Pro with XHP70.2 neutral diode. This model is powered from 26650 cells.

Packaging like this EAGTAC is sometimes quite minimal, with no splashes or unnecessary marketing "gibberish". The most important information - power supply, used diode or light color.

Included with the flashlight we get:
- link 26650 with a capacity of 5200mAh (I got 5500mAh, although the manufacturer has information about the cell 5200mAh)
- diffuser
- 5V / 2A charger
- USB C cable
- spare eraser and O-ring
- leash on the wrist
- instruction manual, warranty card
- very well made, additionally reinforced holster

The TX3G Pro can be called compact. It is not the smallest flashlight in the 26650 flashlight class and it does not even try to be that way. It's just a well made flashlight, controlled by two buttons covered with shiny anodization.

From the top metal lace, fast with AR coatings, SMO smooth reflector and XHP70.2 diode, there are two diodes to choose from: cold and neutral. I recommend the latter:)

The head at the top is a bit wider, which can be seen even in the picture. Head with a delicate ribbing, well made, looking for buttons in the dark - almost imperceptible (ribbing).
The producer has put a warning that the flashlight can be "hot" and ask not to turn on the flashlight (from above).

Sometimes you can go wrong looking at the EAGTAC flashlight markings. The tested model is TX3G, on a large bold case - TX3 and R in a border.

To control the flashlight we use two buttons - white (change of modes) and black (always activates the flashlight in TURBO)

"On the other side" USB C port - performance up to 2A, while charging the white button flashes in blue. The blue color is very intense and if you want to charge the flashlight in the evening, it's better in a place where there is no one. When the charging process is completed, the blue LED starts to illuminate continuously.
And here is probably a small error in the software - even after disconnecting the charger, the blue LED will not stop lighting, we have to click one of the buttons, which is related to the inclusion of the flashlight.

Knurling of the middle tube - delikane, hardly perceptible

Straight screw cap, with room for a leash

TX3G consists of two main parts - a head with a diode and a controller, and a central tube housing 26650 cells

Cap with silver spraycan - EAGTAC standard

As a curiosity, the gwiny in the bottom of the cap was completely dry, without a drop of any grease, I do not know if this element was to be sealed?

Control spider - hmm, it's almost a tradition, again askew

In the description on the manufacturer's website there is information about the attached links with a capacity of 5200mAh, while the pictures show 5500mAh ...

I would like to write that the control offered by TX3G is "cool" - in a sense it is, but ... well, but what?

The flashlight is switched on with a single click (black button)
- always activates the flashlight in TURBO mode (always)
- turn off the flashlight with a black button (black only)
- double clicking black button and holding it activates momentary (as long as we keep the black button) strobo
And this is the whole functionality of the black button

With a white button, we turn on the flashlight:
- in the programmed mode, we can program the mode from moon to TURBO
And for example, we want to program to turn on in moon mode (very low), for this we have to switch the flashlight to TURBO mode, hold the white button for 3 seconds (during this time the flashlight will switch to Moon mode) and wait until the button flashes in blue from this moment the flashlight will start from the Moon mode. We must remember that for programming the mode we need to turn on the flashlight in one lower (earlier) mode.
- single clicks change modes in the loop (5 modes in total)
- to activate flash modes (strobo, beacon, SOS) we have to perform the sequence of fast 11 - clicks with a white button

Each time the mode changes after a few seconds, the blue LED of the white button flashes from 1 to 4 times. Theoretically, 4 flashes - above 70% charge, 3 flashes between 50 and 70%, 2 flashes - between 30 and 50% and 1 flash below 10%
Theoretically, because if the cell is about 70% of the charge in the lowest mode it will flash 4 times, while in the TURBO mode only 2 times.

The flashlight has protection against too deep discharging, if the cell will have about 3.5V, the flashlight will start to take modes, at about 3V it will already capture the lowest mode.
In a situation when the cell is discharged and turn on the TURBO controller, the timer will be squeaking until the moment of reducing the brightness from TURBO to, for example, moon.

The controller has a place for intelligent energy (unloaded cell), USB port, instant TURBO mode, informing us about the charge status of the cell, but did not something?
The protection against accidental turning on the torch !!!
I wrote to EAGTAC, they said that the buttons are hidden in the case so much that the flashlight "should not turn on". Interestingly, the holster is designed in such a way that the buttons are hidden in it, and the holster itself is reinforced, that without using a large force (perhaps large enough to destroy the holster) we will not push it.
I forgot to write about the operation of the buttons.
The left button (white) works lightly, each click is audible, while the black button requires using at least twice the strength and its work is much more pleasant for the ear.
The white button works lightly, and it already compresses the TX3G with a safe carrying in a backpack without a holster, which is a pity ...

The manufacturer declares 2800lm for the TURBO mode. A graph similar to those we find in flashlights with linear controllers. Remember that even 60% for the graph at its end is still over 1400lm.
On the one hand, it is a pity that it is not close to 2800lm to the very end, on the other hand I tested S25L-R, which "did" 1800lm for the right hour with 1 * 18650, but so what if the flashlight turned off in TURBO mode when the link was discharged below 3.7V?
The chart without cooling will not be. Reason? - the flashlight easily reaches over 70 degrees ... it's better not to leave it on for more than 1.5 hours included in TURBO.

TX3G among Rofis MR50 and Lumintop ODF30

Despite its size, the TX3G powered from 26650 cells weighs only 208 grams per cell

Lumintop ODF30 powered with identical cells is already 231 grams with a cell.

For those who like to search in XHPxx.2 strange influences - this is your time!

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance - Fluorescent H

Emisar D4 - TURBO

Rofis MR50 - TURBO

Fenix ​​UC52 - TURBO

Wuben A21 - TURBO

EAGTAC TX3G Pro - low

EAGTAC TX3G Pro - medium

EAGTAC TX3G Pro - high


Emisar D4 - "medium"

Emisar D4 - TURBO


Rofis MR50 - TURBO


Emisar D4 - TURBO

Wuben A21 - TURBO

Fenix ​​UC52 - TURBO

Rofis MR50 - TURBO

Full size photos:

A few words of summary,
EAGTAC TX3G is a well-made flashlight, made to measure other products of this company. EAGTAC does not belong to the indestructible equipment (what are called torches, for example Armytek, where the manufacturers declare resistance to falls from several meters), rather products typically "usable", but having control in the tactical direction (the ability to activate instant TURBO).
The TX3G has hidden flash modes, cell protection (lowering brightness / modes), informs about the charge status of the cell and has no protection against accidental switching on, and this, in my opinion, deletes TX3G from the offer of a premium flashlight in the price range of about 120 USD.
I would like to write - yes EAGTAC TX3G Pro is a recommendable flashlight, so - provided we carry it with a holster, it should not be a problem in the pocket of a jacket or blouse, the problem may appear in the pocket of a trouser or a backpack - there without a case, it can turn on .
In my opinion, buying TX3G we get a very nice product with a neutral diode, simple control, the flashlight is well thought out, but it lacks only one function - locks ... so little, and so many ...
Are you looking for a flashlight and are you thinking about TX3G Pro? - think whether wearing a flashlight in your pants pocket is safe, if under a black click is 2800lm ...
And I am sorry that I have to complain about the EAGTAC product and it is because of such a simple function, because it's not just a "flashlight", it's a great flashlight, well made, light, very efficient, not trying to pretend to be another manufacturer, but as is often the case with "good" producers, they go their own way, the road is in a sense right, creating great products that have defects ... defects that can be eliminated in such a simple way. Can anyone think why I focus only on this one aspect?
The same as how an object is as durable as its weakest part, just as safety and health is important above all and as much as I love EAGTAC products, for over a year I have been wearing the EAGTAC PX30LC2-R, unfortunately ... I must say that TX3G Pro is a defective product ...

Thank you for your attention


Jul 16, 2012
Thank you for the review. I had my eye on this one when it came out, but that big rubber flap over the charging port was enough to make me pass.