[review] Fenix ​​PD36R, LUMINUS SST-40 - 1600lm, 21700



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Nov 13, 2016
My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
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Another flashlight, another Fenix, this time the PD36R model.
I have been using Fenix ​​PD36R for 3 weeks, it's time to write a few words about it

We receive the flashlight in the classic Fenix ​​packaging, the most important information - including the amount of lumens and the way of power supply, the latter will be crucial for this model.

In the middle quite classically:
- a flashlight
- USB type C cable,
- user manual, warranty card
- wrist leash
- spare O-ring,
- 21700 cell with 5000mAh capacity
- flashlight cover

PD36R is a classic of the genre, the flashlight looks very standard visually, only to some extent has an interesting color of the button - answering questions, I do not know what it is made of

The manufacturer has equipped the flashlight with a smooth reflector and LUMINUS SST-40 diode with a cold color. How it shines - the pictures later in the text

In the middle of the button there is a diode, after turning on the flashlight it informs us about the battery charge level - a good solution, it's a pity that it's not like in EAGTAC flashlights, where after each change of mode the flashlight informs about the current battery charge status (another thing that works with very inaccurate)

On the other side of the USB port in standard C. Rubber band protecting the USB port sits quite tightly, I have not found anywhere information whether the port is water resistant without rubber protection

The flashlight has two buttons - to change modes and a button to turn on / off the flashlight. The controller is equipped with the memory of the last mode and in addition we can lightly press the back button, which allows you to turn on the flashlight (as long as you hold the button) for as long as we need exactly

Thread properly lubricated and well made

Comparison of 21700 cell size to the standard Sanyo 18650 cell


The simplicity of control has been limited to the absolute minimum:
- turn on the flashlight with the back button
- side button with single clicks to change modes (30-1600lm), it's a pity that we don't have a lower mode than 30lm - on my part I will say that the lack of a lower mode is in my opinion the biggest drawback of this flashlight
- holding the button down for more than 0.5 seconds activates Strobe.
The control is almost alive copied from the Acebeam EC35 - only there the lowest mode is 0.3lm

An important addition is the aforementioned LED located in the button for changing modes, it informs us about the battery charge status on a four-point scale:
- permanent green - 100-85% charge
- flashing green - 85-50% charged
- solid red 50-25% charge
- flashing red - below 25% charge

In the attached photo you can see that the manufacturer gives the estimated flashlight operation time in each mode until the brightness decreases. According to my test, this threshold was reached a little later (I tested only for the brightest mode) - this may be due to the cooling method - I used water. You want to continue using the highest mode (in terms of brightness) - you need to turn off and turn on the flashlight.

Size comparison to Securitying 700 and EAGTAC DX3G Mini Pro

The weight of the flashlight from Fenix ​​and EAGTAC (both with the link inside), despite knowing the larger size and other power supply is quite light and pleasant to use with the flashlight

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance - Fluorescent H

Fenix ​​PD36R - modes from lowest to highest


Securitying 700


A few words of summary:
In this part of the text I could invite you to read my descriptions of other Fenix ​​flashlights, reason? This is another well-made flashlight with a very basic UI, I miss again, e.g. the very low level of the lowest mode, or the possibility of temporarily turning on TURBO. I also miss the option of choosing a flashlight with a warmer LED.
You can criticize, write a lot, but the truth is that control, appearance, etc. - this is the individual choice of each of us, I have been using Fenix ​​HL60R continuously for several years, or very basic control bothers me - sometimes yes, mainly if I want to get to the lowest mode, I have to click through all available, but it's the simplest form of the driver and the people I meet often don't want to go into anything more difficult - and I'm not surprised at all. For some flashlights, apart from rechargeable batteries, we need to take the instruction manual - it's a bit like with medicines "before using, contact ..."

Thank you for your attention




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Jul 11, 2005
I bought one a few weeks ago, and I am impressed. I also own several Fenix lights.


Dec 6, 2013
On Earth
Hi Eryk,

Fair and specific adjustments. I read another review as well, seems everybody misses the UI.


Dec 10, 2017
Output measurements of the PD36R taken at 2s using the Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with Maukka lights and Sekonic C-800-U.
Fenix PD36RHighest1,810 lumens6226K0.0066 DUV67.4 CRI-39.3 R939.8 R1265 Rf95 Rgincluded battery
Fenix PD36R2nd highest867 lumens6034K0.0098 DUV67.4 CRIincluded battery


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Mar 5, 2016
I just bought a PD36r and I was wondering if anyone who has one here has tried any flat top batteries in it and if they work?

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Jun 28, 2020
I think (could be wrong) it requires a button top because of how the contact is designed for the anode.


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Dec 25, 2016
I just bought a PD36r and I was wondering if anyone who has one here has tried any flat top batteries in it and if they work?

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You can solder your own anode to it.
This is easiest with a 100 watt soldering iron.

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