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Jan 10, 2017
Hello everyone… Today i will review the Mateminco MT18S: powerful barrel flashlight with flood beam and maximum output of 15000 lumens (for the 6500K version). The model in my possession is the MT18S equipped with 4000K SST-20 LEDs in a beautiful sand color.


Packaging and content
The Mateminco MT18S arrives in a white rigid cardboard box. Overall, the equipment is quite sparse and includes
• Mateminco MT18S torch
• Wrist strap
• 2x spare O-rings
• Tripod mount screw
• User manual
Neither batteries nor holster are included.



The flashlight is available for purchase in various colors (Black, Blue, Sand, Green, Gray, Red, Purple) and with different tints(4000K, 5000K, 6500K)

Technical specifications
• Emitter: 18 x Luminus SST-20 LED, mounted on copper DTP MCPCB
• Color temperature: Neutral White (4000K)
• Body color: Sand
• Max Output: 15,000 lumen (for the 6500K version)
• Max Brightness: 95,000cd
• Max Beam Distance: 616m
• Firmware: open-source GPL v3. Anduril firmware
• Battery: 4x 18650 Cells (recommended to use high drain 18650 button top cells)
• Driver: High efficiency direct drive flashlight driver
• Reflector: High quality smooth reflector
• Lens: Glass with anti-reflective coating
• Body: Aluminum alloy with Type III hard-coat anodizing
• Button: Silicone rubber
• Waterproof IPX7
• Impact resistance: Up to 1 meter
• Weight: Approximately 498g without cells
• Dimensions: 122mm*72mm*54mm (length*head diameter*body diameter)

The body and the materials
The Mateminco MT18S is a barrel light, slightly larger than a can of Coca Cola. Taking it in your hand ... well ... yes, it is heavy, with the batteries inserted it touches 700g. Despite this, the handle is really very comfortable. The almost 5 cm in diameter of the body is perfect for me who for example have a medium-sized hand.

The switch is easily accessible and easily identifiable even when wearing gloves thanks to the deep milling inside which it is positioned.


In the central part of the body the light has a beautiful processing with vertical milling and an abundant knurling.


The anodization is perfect, slightly opaque. The sand color of my version in my opinion is spectacular !!!. The lettering, present only in the tail, is neat, well centered and without any smudging.


The tailcap has an anti-roll profile and small grooves that offer excellent grip and facilitate opening / closing operations. Two holes allow the installation of wrist straps or small carabiners.

A laynard with a small metal snap hook is supplied with the flashlight. But I prefer not to use this accessory to prevent the flashlight from being scratched due to rubbing between the metal parts.


The MT18S, despite being quite chubby, is well balanced and not tired even when used for long periods of time.

The head has deep dissipation fins useful for the dispersion of heat on medium-high levels.


There is also a tripod attachment on the flashlight. A 3/8 to ¼ reducer screw is supplied.


The Bezel is made of stainless steel, protruding about 2mm and very thick indeed.

The lens is made of glass, good quality and with anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatment. Below the lens is a second lens consisting of a series of 18 small TIR lenses, one for each SST-20 LED.


Between one SST-20 LED and the other there are also small colored status LEDs (green, purple, blue and red) that are activated only when the flashlight is in standby. If necessary they can be disabled and can be configured by choosing between different output levels: High, Low and Strobo !!!!



The switch is rubberized, dotted, and surrounded by a stainless steel bezel ring. When pressed, it emits a ringing click. Its run is quite short. Inside there is a status LED that can also be disabled or configured just like the auxiliary LEDs placed under the lens.


The flashlight can be disassembled essentially in three parts: head, central body (battery compartment) and tailcap.


The threads are anodized on both sides (on the tailcap side they are totally anodized) and for the physical lockout of the interface it is necessary to slightly unscrew the head. By partially unscrewing the tailcap, however, the power supply circuit will not be opened.

An O-ring on each thread protects the torch from water or dirt infiltration.

The Mateminco MT18S is powered by 4 18650 cells in 2S2P configuration. The contacts consist of springs for the negative poles and protruding buttons for the positive poles.
The battery compartment in turn has two further contacts: one given by the threads and the other given by a large metal button placed in the center.
On the side of the head of the torch we find instead a circular crown and a thick golden spring.

There is a white plastic insulating material between the contacts.





The tail is flat and there is no problem using the flashlight in tailstanding.

User interface
The UI of the Mateminco MT18S is the classic Anduril that we know well by now: an interface full of more or less useful functions: among all, the most interesting in my opinion are the output selection mode using Ramping Up / Down instead of the classic selection a levels (however also present), direct access to the Turbo, Memory Mode, Momentary On, Strobo Modes configurable in frequency and brightness, Battery Check and Thermal Configuration.

Below is a brief summary of its Main features:

Blink/Utility Modes:
• Battery Check
• Sunset Mode
• Beacon Mode
• Temperature Check

Strobe/Mood Mode:
• Candle Mode
• Bile Flasher
• Party Strobe
• Tactical Strobe
• Lighting storm mode
For each of these levels, the user can select the flashing speed, the output level and also enable a 30-minute timer for automatic shutdown.

Other Modes:
• Lockout Mode
• Momentary Mode
• Muggle Mode
• Configuration Mode
• Ramping Mode
• Stepping Mode
• Status LEDs managing (OFF-Low-High)

In addition to the BattCheck function that allows you to know the exact voltage of the batteries simply with a triple click from the torch off, the Mateminco MT18S is able to provide information on the state of charge of the batteries with the auxiliary LEDs placed on the head:
• With 3.9-4.2V voltage the auxiliary LEDs on will be Green, Purple and Blue
• With voltage 3.3-3.9V the auxiliary LEDs on will be Blue and Violet
• With voltage 2.9-3.3V the auxiliary LEDs on will only be the Red ones
• Below 2.9V the auxiliary LEDs will all be off with LVP (Low Voltage Protection)

Being the 2S2P cell configuration, the battery pack supplies 8.4V at full charge and not 4.2V. Therefore, the above (information extracted from the user manual) probably refers to the estimated average voltage of each battery.

The Mateminco MT18S also has different protection systems
• Low Power Protection which protects the cells against overdischarge and is activated when the batteries reach 2.8V.
• Thermal regulation: protects the torch from overheating by regulating the output. The thermal regulation can also be configured by the user according to their needs

The beam of the MT18S is total flood, without any spot. At the Turbo, which is kept that way only for a few moments, you have a real wall of light at your disposal. The medium-low levels are perfectly regulated, this means that the flashlight is able to maintain a constant brightness as long as the batteries are able to provide it with the necessary energy.
The tint in my case is neutral, 4000K with an excellent color performance. Uniform on the whole beam and on all output levels does not show any kind of toning.

To follow some shots in the dark ...

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4

Beamshot #5



• Excellent build quality
• Good Power
• Anduril user interface
• Auxiliary LEDs that provide information on the state of charge, which can be disabled and for which you can also choose the output between Low, High and Strobo
• Excellent tint with good color rendering, clean beam without any artifact
• Beautiful sand color. Perfect anodizing, satin finishing and lettering

• There is no charging interface
• I would have liked it if a holster had been included in the package, and maybe even a higher quality wrist strap.

Thanks for reading!!!...XD


Newly Enlightened
Dec 13, 2009
Nice review.

My wife bought me a TK04 in April, and I liked it so much I've bought MT35 Mini-S in SST40 and XHP50.2, MT35 Mini in SST40, and MT01 in XHP50.2.

I actually like these lights more than my ZL's, hopefully still like them as much, when I've owned them as long as the ZL's! :D