Review MecArmy SGN7: 550 lumens, XG-G2 S4, alarm, usb-rechargeable/power bank


Sep 10, 2012
The Netherlands
An unique flashlight arrived in the mail: the new MecArmy SGN7. This not only a bright flashlight, but also a personal alarm that has a loud siren. But that’s not all: the SGN is also a power bank! Although the SGN7 is designed for the ladies; I’m sure many pick this light out of their wife’s handbag to play with this tiny MecArmy gadget. I’d like to share my view on this light with you, show you also the beam shots and let you hear the alarm sound. Let’s have a look at this special keychain light!

the new SGN7 made by MecArmy

has a lot of options

and is powered by a XP-G2 S4 LED

unique looks, striking details

has an emergency button

flashlight, personal alarm and power bank in one!

compact and easy to carry

At first the features, given by MecArmy:

• CREE XP-G2 S4 LED, Max. 550 lumens
• Very loud (up to 110 dB) siren
• Instant access to Alarm, Strobe and Turbo
• Separate, easy access triangular Alarm switch for use in emergency
• Uses rechargeable 650 mAh lithium polymer battery
• Standard Micro USB charging port, charges in just 1 hour on any USB port
• Charging and fully charged indicators
• Power bank function, 5V/1A USB output (with low battery cutoff)
• Pocket clip included
• Optional colors
• Designed for everyday-carry – can be worn on a chain, or on a wrist with supplied lanyard

and the specifications:

• Material: Aluminum
• Dimensions: L75.5mm / 2.97 in x W34.5mm / 1,56in x H14mm/ 0.55 in
• Weight: 58g/ 2.046oz

• Working voltage: 3.0V-5.0V
• Battery: Rechargeable 650 mAh lithium Polymer battery
• Charging time: 1 hour (charging current 5V/1A)
• Accessories: User manual, Lanyard, USB cable

and the output specs:


I was surprised by the size of the box: it is slightly larger than a cigarette pack! The little brown carton looks attractive, on the box we see the light, the main features and the specifications. Although it’s not an indestructible carton, it looks neat and a good option to restore the SGN7. It’s also a complete box including keychain rings, a lanyard an USB-cable. Only a pouch/holster is missing. So, nothing to complain about here; this package is ok to me. Some photos below show the carton and the contents!

the box has about the dimensions of a cigarette pack

nice prints on it, and most specifications and features mentioned

the contents: SGN7, lanyard, key chain rings, manual and USB cable


This is the first “keychain-light” that I reviewed, and have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised about it. Besides its own looks and style, the SGN7 feels robust and durable. MecArmy did a good job on build-quality of this multifunctional light. The SGN7 is available in several nice metallic colors, I picked the gold-version. As I mentioned earlier, the SGN7 has unique details, that makes this light a typical MecArmy. If you like or dislike the design is a matter of taste, but I like it. Striking details are the big oblong loop at the bottom, the big and strong clip at the bottom, and the chamfered front. On top of the light two buttons that control the modes, distinguishable because of their different shapes. The light stands stable in almost every position. The aluminum parts are painted well in nice metallic color, with some white prints upon it. The white prints are less in contrast to the gold color instead of black for example, maybe another color would be a better option here. At both sides we see rubber covers that protect the micro-USB port (needed for charging) and the USB-out at the opposite. The SGN7 has a clean glass-lens and a smooth, dustless reflector in the head fitted. The XP-G2 S4 LED was slightly off-center at my light. I may be possible to open the light, but I didn’t; we don’t have to take the battery out for charging, and the risk of damage is there. So, I kept the SGN7 closed. Summarizing, we can say here that this lightweight keychain-light is well-made and finished, no negatives here. Let’s have a look at the SGN7 now by presenting a lot of detail-pictures. Please scroll down!

the gold-version of the MecArmy SGN7

a multifunctional flashlight

lightweight because of aluminum construction

each button has its own shape, which helps to identify the right one

powered by a XP-G2 S4 LED

nice EDC-gear!

MecArmy has its own style

the SGN7 has a strong clip

the emitter is slightly off-center

difference in the buttons

a smooth reflector gives the light also nice throw

the SGN7 is very well built

and has a durable construction

two buttons at the light

the triangular is the “panic” button

the rubber cover closes the micro-USB port very well

same to the cover that protects the USB-out against water and dust

a close-up at the USB-out

that gives the opportunity to charge your phone

the red/green flashing LED during charging

ladies-gear: the SGN7 and a smart little bag

a power source, a light and a personal alarm in one!

the SGN7 has nice style

all parts are well finished

a close-up to the MecArmy EDC-coin, that I got with the SGN7

nice gold color!

a big loop to attach the SGN7 to a keychain or lanyard

compact and lightweight, but bright

the SGN7 can (partly) charge your smartphone

the big and strong clip protects against loss

just playing with colors here..

the SGN7 in a frozen world

User interface:

The SGN7 is due to its aluminum construction really a lightweight, and is therefore easy to carry or to clip on. It is also easy to hold, thanks to the flat shape and the angular shape. It’s easy to recognize the upside, because of the clip at the opposite. You will always pick this light in the right position, even in complete darkness. A good job here of MecArmy!

At both sides we detect covered USB-ports, one for loading, and one for USB-out. The rubber covers close very well, I needed a tool to open it. Mind to open it the right way, and take care, because there are no spare covers delivered. But the protection against dust and water is very good. Charging the SGN7 is an easy job: simply connect a phone charger to the micro-USB port. Charging goes quick, mostly within an hour you’ll have a fresh battery. The progress is indicated by a green/red flash that will turn into green when finished. The SGN7 is a (little) power bank too: It can charge (when full) about 10-15 percent of a smartphone’s battery. This is also due to the fact that the power-bank function stops when the battery will be lower than 30%. This is a nice option, but clearly designed for emergency falls. I won’t use it that much.

The SGN7 has two buttons, that are easy to locate and to recognize. The upper button (that is positioned slightly higher than the other) is needed to turn the light on and off. A single click will start the SGN7 on LOW, the light doesn’t memorize last used mode. Personally I don’t mind about this on an EDC, always starting at lowest mode is a good option here. Press and hold the switch (when on) to cycle through the modes. A nice mode is the momentary on, that can be activated (no surprise, I think) by pressing and holding the switch from off. A double click from off activates instant-turbo. In this mode, the SGN7 gets hot in short time, therefore you can use it for maximum 30 seconds. A logical step, that MecArmy has built-in to protect the light from damage. Three quick presses will turn the light into Strobe-mode without alarm; when you are in this mode, you can turn on the SOS-function: Press and hold for over one second when you’re in Strobe. I ask me if I will be able to find this mode when I need help…. The triangular button is the “panic-button” and works both from on and off: Press and hold it for about 1,5 second to active Alarm plus Strobe. The SGN7 gives up to 110 DB, but don’t expect a car horn… But it can be enough to chase away an attacker or to attract the attention. A added a video / sound clip later in this review from how it works, so you’ll get an impression.

Overall, the SGN7 has to me a thought-out interface, and technical it works without issues. Also the bunch of nice options and the panic-function make the SGN7 an interesting gadget.


The SGN7 has four output levels, in order of: LOW > MEDIUM > HIGH > TURBO. The mode spacing is very good for an EDC-light, it starts at an economical LOW that doesn’t blind your eyes in the dark, and thereafter is the 20 lumen also a usable mode. So, this is ok to me. There’s one direct normal mode: TURBO. By the way, the SGN7 starts always at lowest (if you use a short click), so we can name this also instant-LOW. Three special modes on the SGN7: Direct-STROBE, direct ALARM+STROBE and SOS. Like we saw earlier, the SGN7 has MOMENTARY-ON. The light has also a LOW-POWER indicator (one flash per five seconds if the voltage is beneath 3.1 volts), but misses a LOCK-OUT. Except this mode, the SGN7 is a complete light that has almost all options here we need.


The combination of the smooth reflector and the used LED give the SGN7 a rather “throwy” beam. The torch has a tiny until medium hotspot and corona and big spill. As you can see at the wallshots (please scroll down) the beam shows some rings in the transition from corona to spill. But what you can see at the outdoor shots, the SGN7 has nice output for a keychain light; lighten up your path up to 30-50 meters away is no problem for this light. Furthermore, the beam is free of defects, but it shows PWM at the middle modes.


Let’s see now how the SGN7 performs! First, the beam showed on a white wall. Distance to the white wall about 1 meter.

Camera-settings: ISO100, F/2.7, WB daylight, 1/125 sec


And now, outdoors:

Let’s take the SGN7 with us outdoors now! The beam shown here by shining at a little tree-line next to a river. Starting with the four output-modes, followed by a GIF.

Camera-settings: ISO100, F/2.7, WB daylight, 4.0 sec, 35mm


Let’s compare the SGN7 to some EDC-lights that have about the same output, but different LEDS and also bigger reflectors. Starting with a shoot-out against the Fenix RC09, powered by an XM-L2 U2 LED.

the MecArmy SGN7 against the Fenix RC09, both at highest level

Next competitor is the Olight S1A Baton; this light has a TIR-lens, so another profile.

the MecArmy SGN7 against the Olight S1A Baton, both at highest level

Alarm function:

I’ll show you some (not-edited) short videos here that show the alarm sound together with Strobe-flashing.

The first video I took inside:

And the second outdoors in a foggy, dark night:


I can be brief here: the MecArmy SGN has become one of my most carried lights in the past weeks! This is thanks to the comfortable and flat shape, the very good lower modes and the good interface with also momentary-on. Moreover, charging the light is easily and quickly done…and it has the looks!
The alarm-function is a nice find, but you can’t expect an explosion of sound out of this tiny one. But in combination with the Strobe it can help you out when you’re under threat. By the way, the SGN7 I got was from the first batch; MecArmy told me the newer batches got an improved / louder alarm-sound.
I would the manufacturer recommend to take care of some details like beam-quality and finishing (centering the LED), but overall I can conclude the SGN7 is a very nice addition to the MecArmy-family!

Thanks to MecArmy for providing me the SGN7!
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thermal guy

Jan 28, 2007
Great review and excellent pictures!! I think this would make a great addition to my BOB


Feb 12, 2012
Great review of an interesting light. I agree that the shape is much easier to carry around than a tube shaped light - I love my SGN3.