Review: Nitecore EC4GTS torch (2 * 18650, XHP35 HD 1800lm)


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Nov 13, 2016
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In the past, I tested Nitecore EA42 powered with 4 * AA, earlier for over 1.5 years I used Nitecore EC4, the torch has undergone a slight modification - replacement of the diode.

Today, the time has come for the latest proposal from Nitecore, powered by two 18650 cells - namely the Nitecore EC4GTS.

Like the two models mentioned above, the EC4GTS is packaged in a yellow and black package.

In the set we get:
- a flashlight
- holster
- leash on the wrist
- instruction manual and warranty card

The EC4GTS dimensions are slightly longer than the older EC4 model, in addition, the matt, gray bezel has been changed to a black, plain ring (from the reflector side). In my opinion, this is an unnecessary change, because EC4 looked brilliant in such a combination, although ... now it looks good too

From the top you will find a glass with AR coatings, a smooth SMO reflector and, unfortunately, a cold-shining XHP35 HD diode. Not only that Nitecore wasted the potential of the reflector by mounting the HD diode (it is worth mentioning that the EC4GTS has a slightly deeper reflector than the EC4), the diodes they use are not of the highest quality - they are very average.
The advantage - Nitecore can easily be modified by replacing the diode 😊

The classic ribbing of the head is left, it dissipates heat well and does not bother

The buttons changed compared to the EC4. They worked very lightly in EC4, in EC4GTS the lower one works with much more resistance than the upper one, and additionally it produces a louder sound. In my opinion, the change is a plus.

The middle tube with ribbing on the model designation and a very comfortable cube - works well when our hands are wet.

Cap - or rather the closing system from Nitecore. The cap is removed by turning the rotating element, insert the links and turn off. The screw cap is almost flat, so the flashlight is easily in the position of a candle.
Will you ask if this is a good solution? Normal screw cap is a solution that certainly can not break, EC4 I used quite intensively for 1.5 years and the cap did not get any slack, etc.

Double, gold-plated springs - standard made by Nitecore. Unfortunately from the plus side there is no spring applied, which requires the use of cells with a protruding plus (preferably cells with protection or cells without protection, but with longer contact fields).

In the middle the manufacturer has put information on which side to put links - for beginners certainly very useful.

Both EC4GTS and EC4 have many hidden modes, in the case of EC4GTS it is closer to EA42 than EC4 - of course in terms of control.

Basic control:
- turn on the flashlight with the bottom button (and turn it off)
- the upper button changes the modes in the loop from the lowest to the highest (5 modes)

Hidden modes:
- temporary TURBO, - if the torch is on, press and hold the top button
- instant TURBO - hold the top button on the switched off flashlight
- instant lowest mode (UltraLOW) - on the switched off torch we hold down the bottom button
- checking the cells' charge level - on the switched off flashlight, press the upper button once,
3 flashes - cells charged 50-100%,
2 flashes 50-10%,
1 flash - cells discharge, less than 10%
- signaling device - turn on the flashlight and turn it off by holding the lower button (pressing the button quickly will only turn off the flashlight), one flash every two seconds of the blue LED built into the switch
- enable / disable button lock - press two buttons at the same time for one second
- Strobe / Beacon / SOS - on the switched off flashlight, two quick clicks with the top button, turn on the strobe, then one click will switch over to Beacon, the next click in SOS - finally a producer who understands that flash modes are needed by a small group of people, and are hidden at the "end of the driver".

There was no protection against too high temperature. There was also a minor error in the software. In EC4, if I left the torch in TURBO, and when I wanted to turn it on again, I held down the bottom button and turned on in UltraLOW. I turned it off and turned it on again and stayed in UltraLOW mode.
EC4GTS (like EA42), - if I turn off, for example, in TURBO and turn on in UltraLOW (by holding down the bottom button) and without changing the mode I turn it off, it will turn on again in TURBO.
Changes also occurred compared to EC4 in hidden flash modes. Now all modes are activated from the level of the switched off flashlight - a change to a plus. Momentary TURBO - it's something that I would expect in every flashlight.

EC4GTS, besides a great control, also manages the efficiency very well.
The TURBO mode keeps at about 85% of the initial brightness all the time, a great result.
I tested the flashlight with cooling, without cooling the thermal protection will not allow the torch to get a higher temperature than about 53 ° C - this is the level acceptable to most people. My EAGTAC flashlights easily reach over 70 ° C, which is not pleasant for the hand.
When you exceed approximately 53 ° C, the brightness is automatically lowered by one brightness mode.

EC4GTS among UC52 and TK35 2018 from Fenix ​​- all are powered by two 18650 cells (UC52 has built-in cells).

EC4GTS mass with cells is 295 grams, in the world of 100 - gram flashlights on 1 * 18650 it's quite a lot, but we get a powerful driver that works without difficulty in the TURBO mode during low physical activity.

Lighting angle EC4GTS. Diodes that the manufacturer uses are not among the best ... well, that you can replace 😊 - the head is not glued !!!. The blue color is a quick hue with clearly visible AR coatings

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance - Fluorescent H


Fenix ​​TK35 2018 TURBO

Nitecore EC4GTS from medium to TURBO (moon mode shines very weakly and in the picture is invisible - it's very good that the moon shines with very little light)

Fenix ​​TK35 2018 TURBO


Nitecore EC4GTS from low to TURBO

Fenix ​​TK35 2018 TURBO


Rofis MR50 TURBO

A few words of summary

In short, EC4GTS is a worthy successor to EC4. Nitecore did not spoil almost anything, except for the unnecessary change of a beautiful, dull bezel.
EC4GTS is a housing taken from the EC4 model and driver software in a 1: 1 copy of the EA42 model - even with a minor error, which I described in the description of the driver, plus the diode change and so we received 1800lm.
In my opinion EC4GTS is a great flashlight and a great proposition for those who are looking for a good looking and well made flashlight, which has a great soft (Fenix ​​could take an example from Nitecore).
A nice touch on the part of Nitecore is the ability to replace the diode - the top of the flashlight is not glued, this is obviously an option for people who are disturbed by the original cold LED in the HD version.

Disadvantages? - they almost do not occur. I will give here the inability to use cheap links without protection and without a long plus. Of course, you can buy cells such as Sanyo NCR18650GA and braze brass ring (I have such links) and use them in EC4GTS. This is not a flaw in this flashlight, most manufacturers do.

It is not that Nitecore produces the best flashlight (it can be deduced from reading this review). I fell in love with the EC4 model, while testing many flashlights from other manufacturers at the time, I've always had some "buts", EC4, or now EC4GTS perfectly fill this gap (in my opinion). Driver with hidden flash modes, with direct access to moon, TURBO or instant TURBO, and great balance between modes and ease of modification.

Are you looking for a similar flashlight? I RECOMMEND EC4GTS!

Thank you for your attention.


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