REVIEW: Nitecore MH27 (XP-L Hi V3 , 1x18650)


Aug 16, 2014

First impressions:
Shipped from: Nitecore for review purpose

This is one of the most recent product of the “MH series” from nitecore and it's the direct successor of the previous model called SR7, a flashlight with a “smart selector ring” to select each mode, whereas the new MH27 is using a simple dual button ( + and - ) that's more intuitive and fast in my opinion.
Of coure there are new differences and improvements like:

1) the usage of the new XP-L Hi V3 led with no dome that's the principal reason for the (declared) improved peak beam intensity from the previous 23256cd to the new 53500cd
(pictures in hand and general)
2) improved RGB leds lumens
3) integrater micro-usb charging port
4) ATR technology (explained later)

Anyway the first feeling i've had unpacking it is that it's design is quite stylish and the general dimensions kept low toe the essential, considering the higher internal space required by the RGB leds, and the additional circuits for the micro-usb charging feature.

The accessories included in the package are 1 x hoslter, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x metallicClip, 1 x tactical Ring, 1 x additional microUSB Port Cover, 2 x o-ring, 1 x switch rubber cover










Modes and estimated lumens:
Switches type: ELECTRONIC to change modes and MECHANICAL to turn on/off
There are “ 7 ” modes in the following order:
from left (-) blue – green – red - low – med – high – turbo (end +) MEMORY MODE is PRESENT

HIDDEN modes are 6: pressing together + and – side switches you enter in STROBO mode, then push + for BEACON, push + for SOS.
Starting from strobo press – for “police” red/blue flashing, push – for red flashing, push – for blue flashing

Nicecore added a convenient direct access to turbo and red mode, just press for 1 second + button to get turbo mode! Press 1 second – button and get RED mode (fixed light, no flashling)
While you're using hidden modes just press 1 second + and get SOS mode, same thing with – and get “police” red/blue flashing.

My estimated lumens are 900 , it's a bit less bright than MH40GT

>>>LIGHT >>> The angle of refraction:

Weight and dimensions measurements (made myself, not by specs):
This flashlight weighs precisely 173,4 gr
Height 15,4 cm
Diameter 2,6 cm
Head diameter 4 cm

Construction quality:
I've read other reviews that pointed out a not very precise “lettering” quality, but that's not the case of my unit, it's perfect as the rest of the aluminum body with 0 manufacturing imperfections.
Nothing to complain about the rear tactical switch button, hard but flowing as you can expect.

To avoid overheating this flashlight utilize a new temperature regulation (called ATR) that's NOT BASED on a prearragned time (2,3,5 minutes) but it make use of a sensor that allow to dinamically adjust output performance based on the information about the internal temperature, and this prevents unexpected LED's failure, prolonging its working life!

There's an additional feature (nitecore tell it's patented in China) that's a blue led light indicator built into the side switch with 2 precise fuctions:

how to do? From off state you have to press all 3 button together at the same time and the blue power will blink to indicate the accurate voltage (0,1v precision). For example 3 flashes, pause, other 9 flashes indicates a voltage of 3,9volts…. It's very easy!

B - LOCATION INDICATION (feeble beacon)
Simply after the indication of the batttry voltage, the feeble blue light will continue to flash every 2 seconds to show the exact location of the flashlight if you're in a dark place.
To turn it of just click the rear button and the flashlight will stay “100% off”.

While the battery is recharged using micro-usb, blue light will blink every 1,5 seconds and then the charge period is completed the blue indicator will keep on. If there's a charging problem the light will blink rapidly

nitecore use a physical reverse polarity protection that does NOT ALLOW flat top button 18650's, so it's better you're sure to have a “protected” battery at home!!

Lanyard hole: PRESENT (two)

Threads came FULLY GREASED












Led Tint, reflector and lense:
The led is well/bad centered and its tint is pure white, tending to warm
Reflector made of: SMOOTH – ALUMINUM
Lense made of: GLASS with AR coating




Outside beamshot at 25 meters, only at FULL power (same place for all my reviews)
Wall beamshot at 250 centimeters, from lower to higher power (same place for all my reviews)

Ceiling bounce test with LUXmeter:



- utilization of the latest XP-L Hi led for better thrower performances
- RGB leds are still a rarity and here they're well implemented
- micro-usb charging solution
- lateral blue led informations
- a lot of useful direct access modes, thanks to the (+ and -) switch that i prefer respecting to the previous sliding selector ring
- ATR thermal solution is perfect in winter areas, you're not limited by “time”

- someone might prefer the “old style” smart selector ring
- not as cheap as you would

Final thoughts and why you should buy it:
That sensation of future and uniqueness that only some flashlight are able to give us, is present here… there are not displays or capacitive buttons (like on some Imalent products or other few brands), but this flashlight pushes to the limit of the “old style” into something a lot more future proof, keeping the exterior host appearance the most sober possible.
For example i don't really like external charging port solution that involves not standard cables/connection or cylindrical plugs, ok nitecore didn't “invent” something new...micro-usb standard, but it's appeciable that their designers understood that the future is with USB….not proprietary connector!!!
I hope that pictures explained in the best way how i liked this flashlight and that you enjoyed my review.

Lastly, the price is not economic but this flashlight is made for enthusiasts that requires the top… something special with RGB leds and ergonomic to use, perhaps to show off to friends, impressing them!!

Thanks for reading.....
….and if you notice some bad written phrases, feel free to correct me suggesting the right way to write it!! :)
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Aug 30, 2014
Fairfax Va
Realista! Good evening from Washington D.C.! Thank you for a healthy bite size review with great photos! Ive had this light since it came out and very very impressed! I was a severe Nitecore hater for years but that has changed recently.

My observations of the MH27-design, electronics and build quality is on average a solid step above anything NC was making say 4 years ago. Have had the SRT6 and 7 since those came out as well. As much as I think the magnetic ring is perfect both lights came with cheap plastic grip rings both broke in half. Very happy to see a real metal grip ring on the 27! Tail switch feel is good..not Fenix good but still solid. The large buttons on the head took a couple hours to get used to vs an SRT but have found it very easy to control nice big fat switches hard to miss in the dark.

Thermal regulation I LOVE it! I never use the built in micro USB systems in any of my lights that feature it because these built in chargers never charge to a full 4.20v they cut off 4.14-4.17v around there and they take a very very long time to charge. Nice option to have though should I need it.

Performance! I do not have a Luxmeter or any proper measuring devices I just do a lot of comparing across my vast collection. To my eyes the 27 is dead on output specs up high and a bit to high down low. Why doesnt such a powerful and capable light have 5 or 6 main modes instead of just the 4 main modes the 27 comes with? Find it odd. Throw...compared to certain other lights I have I eyeball the 27 at 47k CD max which is still very very good. The secondary emitters are easily up to 3 times brighter than both the SRT7 and TK32. I do NOT understand why the cop strobe mode is still there all it will do in public is get me harassed by the local very strict police. Why not for example a secondary LED close to halogen in tint?

Like the sheath! Love the usual NC read outs beneath the switch! What I would love most of all though is a NW HI version of this light Id buy it all over again. Your English is fine Realista! I use Keeppower 3500mah 10amp 18650.


Aug 16, 2014
thanks for apprecciating my review....
all the things you said in your post are true... nitecore is becoming every year better and better!
this is a little thrower and i think will bring it with me on some excursions, the rgb colors are very nice, and yes microusb port is a MUST...for car charging.
BUT................... i hate the new usb type-C standard........... i love microusb but in the next months or years also nitecore and other producers will use type C....


Aug 16, 2014
nitecore released a version very similar to this BUT with UV light led instead of the GREEN one ;)


Dec 7, 2005
Connecticut USA
Great job ! Nice review..

I have had the MH27 for a while now and have to say it is a great light. Love the size and the power of the beam. I have to say the only thing I would change is the way you change modes. Not a huge fan of that little + - rocker type mode switch. Impossible to feel through gloves for me anyway. I would also get rid of the RGB leds. They are pretty useless to me.



Aug 16, 2014
if you remove those would be a flashlight like others, rgb led are the main part of this flashlight :p
a lot of people arte attracted by this feature.... and after all the light beam is not disturbed by the leds on the reflector