Review Nitecore MT2A Pro - EDC Pen Light, 1000lm

Dec 3, 2012
Nitecore MT2A Pro was sent to me directly by NITECORE for review.

For technical details and to purchase the torch: … t2apro.htm
Nitecore Italia

Nitecore updates the MT2A Pen Light with a higher performance version that uses the new NiteLab Uhi 20 LED.
I have used the new MT2A Pro a lot these days, with satisfaction, finding it really useful. In particular, I really appreciated the powerful light beam, considering the type of pocket (pen) torch of this size, and the truly effective grip even in rainy conditions.


MT2A Pro is a lightweight EDC flashlight (40g), which has a single switch in the tail to manage a total of 3 light levels (Low, Mid and High).
MT2A Pro has a maximum output of 1000 lumens with a maximum throw of 250 meters and is sold with a 1600mAh rechargeable lithium battery in 14100 format rechargeable via the USB-C port with a maximum autonomy of 20 hours. MT2A Pro is a versatile flashlight that can also be powered by two AA batteries.
It is IP68 certified (2 meters submersible) and has impact resistance up to 1 meter.
The compact size and its features make it an ideal companion for many uses such as outdoor activities, camping, night walks, hiking and trekking, emergency, fishing and more.
Main features:
• Uses a UHi 20 LED with a maximum output of 1,000 lumens
• Maximum peak beam intensity of 16,500cd and maximum projection of 255 meters
• A combined optical system with crystal coating and "Precision Digital Optics Technology" (PDOT)
• A single tail switch controls 3 brightness levels
• Powered by a 14100 lithium ion battery compatible with AA batteries, to provide a runtime of up to 20 hours
• Includes a NITECORE 14100 lithium-ion battery (NL1416R 1,600 mAh) with an integrated USB-C charging port
• Highly efficient constant current circuit provides stable output
• Built-in Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module (Patent No. ZL201510534543.6)
• Electronic protection against polarity reversal
• Optical lenses with anti-scratch coating on both sides
• Constructed of aircraft quality aluminum alloy
• HA III military grade hard anodized finish
• Possibility of queue support
• Bidirectional clip included
• Degree of protection against water and dust according to IP68 (2 meters submersible)
• Impact resistant up to 1 meter
Length: 142.8mm (5.62")
Head diameter: 19.7mm (0.78")
Tube Diameter: 17.2mm (0.68")
Tail Diameter: 19.5mm (0.77")
Weight: 40g (1.41 oz) (Battery Not Included)
Warranty Service
The defective product can be exchanged for a replacement through a local distributor/retailer within 15 days of purchase. After this, all defective/malfunctioning NITECORE® products can be repaired free of charge within 60 months from the date of purchase. Beyond 60 months a limited warranty applies, covering the cost of labor and maintenance, but not the cost of accessories or replacement parts.

Nitecore MT2A Pro arrives in a small dark-colored cardboard box with writings reporting the main features that distinguish it. Inside the package we find, in addition to the Nitecore MT2A Pro with the Nitecore NL1416R lithium battery inside, the Clip, the USB-C charging cable, the **lanyard **, Spare O-ring, manual and warranty. The MT2A Pro display arrives protected by transparent plastic.
Nitecore MT2A Pro is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with military grade HA III hard anodized finish. The body design recalls that of the recent MH12 Pro characterized by a thick texture which gives the MT2A Pro a remarkable grip to maintain a secure grip even with sweaty and wet hands or when wearing gloves.
The total length is 142.8mm with a weight, with battery and clip, of 86g. It is very simple to insert it into your pocket, jeans or even a pencil case.
The Bidirectional Clip, which must be inserted in the appropriate space near the tail, prevents the MT2A Pro from rolling.
The supplied rechargeable lithium ion battery NL1416R, a Nitecore 14100 1600mAh format with 5A continuous discharge current, is equipped with a USB-C charging port. With this battery the maximum autonomy reaches 20 hours. It is possible to use 2 AA Alkaline or Ni-mh batteries to power the MT2A Pro.

Charging time is approximately 5 hours. (Charging via 5V/1A adapter). During the charging process, the red charging indicator lights up constantly. When the battery is fully charged, the charging indicator turns solid green.
At the two poles, for contact with the battery, we find a plated button on the positive side and a spring, also plated, on the negative side. Nitecore MT2A Pro has electronic reverse polarity protection and waterproof and dustproof rating according to IP68.
On the head of the Nitecore MT2A Pro we find a smooth bezel and optical lenses with anti-scratch coating on both sides. The LED used is a NiteLab UHi 20 with a maximum power of 1,000 lumens.
Nitecore MT2A has only one switch in the tail. The rubber button is a decent size with an audible click. At the tail we also find space to insert the supplied lanyard.
The user interface of the Nitecore MT2A Pro is simple. MT2A Pro has 2 modes depending on the batteries used. If you use lithium battery you will get 3 levels of brightness while it will only be 2 levels if you use AA batteries. However, an Ultralow level of 1 lumens remains absent.
Istruzioni per l'Uso
Switching On and Off

Turning On: When the light is off, press the tail switch all the way down until you hear a click to turn it on.
Turning Off: When the light is on, press the tail switch all the way down until you hear a click to turn it off.
Brightness Levels
When the light is on, half-press the tail switch to cycle through the following brightness levels: LOW – MID - HIGH.
The MT2A Pro is equipped with a memory function. When it is reactivated, it automatically accesses the previous stored brightness level.
ATR (advanced temperature regulation)
Built-in ATR technology adjusts the MT2A Pro's output based on working conditions and the surrounding environment to maintain optimal performance.
Nitecore MT2A Pro, in the wall test, has a beam without obvious artifacts with a bright hotspot and a crown with a greenish color. The illumination angle is not wide with peripheral illumination starting after about 1 meter.
MT2A Pro has decent power to illuminate up to 100 meters and beyond.
From the tests carried out with the OPPLE Light Master Pro, about two meters away from the sensor, the value of the CCT color temperature and the Ra color rendering, in the High level (1000 lumens), is respectively of 5717 for the CCT and of 63.8 for the Ra. The Duv is equal to 0.0118. No PWM visible to the naked eye.
Nitecore MT2A Pro with the NiteLab Uhi 20 LED has a decent power allowing a good view of the walk even with the low level of 50 lumens. The values in candela (lux/1 meter), found by me with measurement at 3 meters, reflect those declared by the parent company.
The Runtimes were carried out in an internal environment with a temperature of approximately 18°C, using the supplied battery (a 1600mAh 14100) fully charged and two Ladda 1.2V 2450mAh Ni-MH batteries.
I would like to point out that the values expressed by the graphs must be evaluated above all as a reference because they were made with means and conditions different from those used in the laboratory.
Data declared by Nitecore (Extract from the user manual)
Note: Data shown is measured in accordance with ANSI/PLATO FL 1-2019 international flashlight testing standards.
Also in this case the data taken with the luxmeter correspond approximately to those declared by Nitecore.
Nitecore MT2A Pro, with the supplied lithium battery, holds maximum brightness for about two minutes before starting to decrease in power.
Let's see the first 60 minutes.
Link video
Nitecore MT2A Pro Unboxing and Use

Nitecore MT2A Pro
is a well built, lightweight and multi-purpose EDC flashlight.
MT2A Pro has a powerful beam with a bright hotspot and is sold with a 1,600 mAh 14100 format rechargeable battery which allows it to reach a brightness of 1000 lumens.
MT2A Pro has a simple interface having only 3 output levels, with the possibility of using primary AA or Ni-MH cells, and a single switch in the tail. The design and anodization are excellent, in particular the body has a thick texture that gives the MT2A Pro a notable grip. The optics are also good and the beam is clean with a color that is not too cold.
Not positive sides I found the lack of a low level of 1 lumen and the slow charging using the supplied battery.
In conclusion, if you need an EDC flashlight in 2xAA format, the Nitecore MT2A Pro is definitely a purchase worth considering.
Thanks for reading the review.