[Review] - Nitecore NU05 - Mini Headlamp, Locator, USB - by Lock


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Jan 10, 2017
With this review we will see today the Nitecore NU05: very small headlamp endowed with white and red LEDs with a maximum output of 35lumen. Here you can find all the information of the product.


Packaging and content
The Nitecore NU05 submitted for review is in basic version. In addition, the elastic band was also sent to use the torch as a front.
The blister pack includes only the Nitecore NU05 torch and the multi-lingual instruction manual





Main Features
• Small and light torch
• Uses 4 high performance LEDs
• Double white and red light source
• Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with maximum battery life up to 20 hours
• Built-in lithium-ion intelligent charging circuit with Micro-USB charging
• Single switch easy to operate even with one hand
• 4 selectable special modes
• Integrated power indicator to indicate the remaining charge level (Patent NO .: ZL201220057767.4)
• Built with durable and robust PC material
• Ultra-light design to be extremely portable
• Impact resistance up to 1.5m in height
• Waterproof according to the IP66 standard
• Dimensions 29.5 x 30.3 x 16.3 mm
• Weight: 10.4 g

User interface
The Nitecore NU05 has 4 levels of brightness divided as follows:

White: 35lm (measured 35lm) – 1h
White(slow blink): 35lm (measured 35lm) – 2h15mins
Red(quick blink): 4lm (measured 4lm) – 9h
Red(slow blink): 4lm (misurati 4lm) – 9h
Red Indicator(slow blink):(measured 4lm) – 20h


Following the runtime test for white light.


The user interface is very simple and easy to remember:
ON/OFF: With a click, the small LED indicator will start to flash slowly. If no operations are performed within three seconds of power-on, the flashlight will go into standby with a simple click.

Output Selection: When the flashlight is switched on, pressing the switch within 3 seconds will cycle the levels Red (slow blink) - Red (quick blink) - White (slow blink) - White Light.

Lockout:When the light is on press the switch for two seconds for the electron lockout. To unlock, simply press the switch for 4 seconds

Recharge: To charge the internal battery of the Nu05 just use a simple Micro USB cable. It takes about 2 hours for a full charge. During the charging phase, the status LED lights up red and turns green when the charge is complete


Charge Status indicator: The Nitecore NU05 has a status indicator that indicates the remaining battery power level. To activate it, just press the switch for one second, when the torch is in stanby:

• 3 flashes indicate a residual charge of more than 50%
• 2 flashes indicate a residual charge of less than 50%
• 1 flash indicates that the charge is almost exhausted

The body and the materials
The Nitecore NU05 is a very small and very light torcetta front useful as Locator in all those situations in which it is necessary to be seen in the darkness. In general it can also be used in emergency situations.



The body is made entirely of plastic material, semi-transparent and allows you to glimpse the leds and the circuits inside the torch.




The lower part is black and contains information such as CE certification, product model and internal battery characteristics (3.7V 120mAh). A double hook on the back allows you to use the flashlight with the elastic band provided or hook it to M.O.L.L.E. attachments, backpacks, pockets, clothes and also for example to the dog collar.



The battery provides a maximum runtime of 20 hours when used with the red blinking LED status indicator
The switch is made of rubber, placed in a central position, very easy to activate and to detect even in the dark. Above the low-relief switch there is the word "Nitecore"




The LEDs are a total of five: 2 white, 2 red and a very small status LED for the Green / Red recharge operations.
On the side, protected by a rubber cap, there is the Micro-USB port for charging.





The elastic band is light, thin and very comfortable to wear. The measurement can be easily adjusted to adapt it to the size of the head, arms, wrists etc ....







Beam, tint and beamshot
The Nitecore NU05 beam is flood with total absence of spots. The 35 lumens of white light allow you to discreetly illuminate the walking surface if the torch is used as a front. The red LEDs are visible at a distance and allow you to get noticed in the darkness for example during sports such as jogging, cycling, hiking etc ...









Some night shots ...




Final Considerations
Very small, very light and easy to use: these are the main features of this Nitecore NU05.
The switch is easily detectable and can also be operated using one hand.

The elastic band is soft, very comfortable even if you wear it for a long time.
Thanks to the hook on the back, the NU05 can be attached to clothes, backpacks, pockets and M.O.L.L.E.

Useful during any night activity, it can be used for example when cycling or jogging and in general in all situations where you want to be visible in the darkness.

It can also be easily installed on the wrist, on the arm, on the collar of our four-legged friends or on the band of other fronts, for example by positioning it on the back of the head to make itself visible from behind.

The small integrated battery of which the NU05 is equipped guarantees a maximum runtime of 20 hours if used with the small red flashing LED. With the white fixed light the runtime is 1 hour and you can discreetly illuminate the walking surface allowing, without too many difficulties, to safely advance in the night.

In short, a small emergency light always ready to use and usable as a Locator, as a simple light point or to illuminate in very short distances.

Thank you for reading .. XD