Review of Rofis MR70 (XHP70.2) + 26650 5500mAh


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Nov 13, 2016
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The time has come to test the flashlight of a lesser known manufacturer - Rofis. Rofis MR70 has two LEDs, the main cold XHP70.2 and the neutral XP-G2 on the side.

Packaging in black and orange, I have the impression that it is inspired to a certain extent by Fenix ​​packaging, although these can only be speculations, because the product itself is in no way similar to Fenix ​​flashlights

The packaging contains very rich equipment:
- Rofis 5500mAh link,
- USB cable with braided and metal tips,
- good quality leash on the wrist,
- good-quality holster,
- OTG cable (we can use the flashlight as PowerBank),
- spare oring and eraser on the switch (I got two sets, probably one should be one),
- user manual .

From the top metal lace protecting the glass with AR coatings - I love this connection, although I would prefer it to be matte

Quick with AR coatings, ideally embedded XHP70.2 diode and double "bent" OP reflector (somewhere I've seen it, ... Acebeam?), Clean whole, makes a great impression

In Rofis MR70, each "side" has been used somehow, on one of them we will find the name of the company, model and serial number

On the next page USB port serves as a charger and PowerBank. The producer gives 2A, and my tester is very close to this result. Eraser protecting the USB port did not allow damage to the flashlight for over 1.5 hours spent in water on stabilization tests (see diagram below)

Button - made of plastic, works pleasantly, slightly elastically. The built-in diode is to serve as an indicator, among others unloaded link - and this function works very poorly (more on that later)

And the last part - the side diode, or neutral XP-G2, is my second flashlight equipped with a side diode, a great patent, especially if we have an outdoor party and we miss light - it will perfectly light sausages (and more) on the table

Middle tube, or rather the rest of the flashlight, because this one is made of one piece of aluminum slightly ribbed, with grooves along the flashlight - it looks very interesting, and provides a good grip of the flashlight, even when it is wet

The flashlight undresses only in one place - we have a screw cap to get to the link. Covered with knurl perfectly cuts off from the rest of the flashlight. The cap is flat, so it's easy to put it in a standing position - a necessary requirement, with a side diode

Thread covered with anodization and factory lubricated - plus for Rofis

Screw cap - in the middle of a double, thick spring, I like this flashlight more and more; )

Link from the set - Rofis 26650 5500mAh without protection

In the center, a visible driver, a brass contact soldered to the springs - in my copy a bit askew, it has only a visual defect

The MR70 control is simple and intuitive, after all Rofis did not avoid mistakes.
Turn the torch on and off with a single click. It has the memory of the last mode (not including the TURBO mode).
- Modes are changed by holding the button, in the loop 30, 450, 1500lm, the TURBO 3500lm mode is activated by a double fast click (no matter in which mode, the flashlight can be turned off). TURBO is limited in time.
- The side diode is activated by holding the button for about 2 seconds (when the torch is switched off), and here we also change modes in the loop holding the 3lm, 60lm, 200lm button pressed (there is no TURBO mode for the side diode).
- During charging, the on-off LED lights up in red, the end of charging is marked in green.
- Localizer mode - on the switched off torch, hold down the button for 3 seconds. The switch LED will flash twice every 3 seconds.
- The protection against accidental turning on the flashlight is interesting. On the switched off torch, hold down the button for 4 seconds, at this moment the side diode will turn on, go off and then flash twice. From this moment, each press of the button will inform about active protection by lighting the red diode in the switch. And to turn off the protection press the button for 3 seconds, and wait for the diode to turn on - this time the main one.
- Inserting the link into the flashlight, if more than 40% of the charge is charged, the green LED will light for two seconds, below 40% - the red LED will flash for two seconds. According to the instructions, if the cell is discharged, the diode in the switch should inform us about it - unfortunately it does not happen, the torch shines and suddenly turns off at 2.8V (protection in the flashlight), slightly above 2.8V we will only turn on the side diode, below 2.8V no longer works anymore.

The producer gives operating time in TURBO, 3500lm for 1 minute and drop to 1500lm, in this mode it works for 10min and then it lowers to 1000lm.

Size comparison to Klarus G20L, noticeable difference

In this picture, Rofis looks great, Rofis MR70, Fenix ​​UC52, Nitecore EC4 and Nitecore SRT9

Side LED XP-G2 neutral

For comparison, the main diode

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance - Fluorescent H

Rofis MR70 TURBO

Nitecore SRT9

FiTorch P26R neutral

FiTorch MR35

Wuben T046R

Rofis MR70 high

Rofis MR70 TURBO

Nitecore EA42

Nitecore EC4 mod (XM-L2 U2 3C)

Eagtac PX30LC2-R XP-L Hi neutral (about 4000K)

A few words of summary.
We will buy Rofis MR70 at a price of just over 60 USD, so it is not the cheapest. Rofis is not a well-known brand like Acebeam or Nitecore, nevertheless he made a good impression on me.
Good workmanship, rich equipment including 5500mAh cell and PowerBank function, side diode and flat cap allowing you to put your flashlight in a standing position without fear. We can pay little attention to the lack of a temperature sensor and the absence of an indicator of the ending energy in the cell. In principle, until the very end, we can reset the TURBO until suddenly the darkness prevails, TURBO itself is hidden, as it should be.
In my opinion, it is one of the most interesting flashlights offered by at least for me less known producers. Browsing the Internet in search of information about it, I found nothing interesting, which allowed me to think in a sense that it is another boring or even a weak project, and it turns out that it is cool enough that it could easily serve as an EDC torch: )



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