Review of ZStar Chinese made 20/28/35W HID Flashlight


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Jan 22, 2009
Here goes my review of the popular Chinese HID Flashlight
Overall I am very pleased with build quality. The customer support is great, Very prompt replies. This is NOT a Sale thread, But Anyone who wants to know where I Purchased it, Feel free to message me and I will give you the information. Price was very reasonable. I am waiting for a Larger unit to be delivered, I will post a review on it when it arrives. All in all, This light seems very durable, Sealed really well. Feels good in the hand. Knurling on the grip is mild.

Manufacturers Specifications are as follows
50 Min @ 20W
40 Min @ 28W
30 Min @ 35W

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Light as a set comes with Battery, 120V AC Wall charger, 12-24V Vehicle charger, Lens cleaning cloth, Caps to cover the battery when it is not installed in the light.

Reflector was Not center when it first arrived, The Reflector would not rest dead center, No matter how hard I tried to align it. It also has a Glass lens.
A Simple modification with some Double sided foam tape, Leaving the Non stick barrier in place, Wrapping the leading edge of the reflector tightened things up and centered the Reflector As shown here.

Threads on the light were very clean, Well cut and Anodized. Threads feel very tight and have little play. The O-Rings seat and seal well.

Bulb seems to be about 6000K, Of fair quality, I do not see any discrepancy in the bulb envelope or arc chamber.

Bulb and ballast combo are held in by a retaining ring that sits on top of the ballast. It sandwiches the lip of the battery tube, Holding the ballast firmly in place, And to keep it from sliding down when the battery is not installed.

Battery tube and head are anodized internally as well. Seems to be of a decent grade anodizing. Seems very scratch resistant.

Battery pack is a 3S 18650 configuration. Seems to be the capacity described as 2200 mAh. It has 3 White LED's in the end that act as a backup light for when the battery is too dead to operate the HID ballast.

Switch feels firm, Seals well. Has an O-ring to seal the battery tube from the switch opening.

The three modes are denoted by clicking the switch, The LED color of the ring around the switch display what wattage mode it is in.
Green being 35W, Blue being 28W and Red being 20W

Now, Time for some beam shots, First is Ceiling at Full flood focus. Second is Tight spot focus

Gotta love the glow of the quarts glass.

Now some Comparison beam shots. First, The Popular Home Depot- Defiant 3C XML Flashlight, Second is ZStar Chinese HID Flashlight Running @35 W And Last is Stanley HIDLISL 20W HID spotlight.

Here is what was included
18650 is there for size Comparison.
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