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Nov 30, 2009
I received the Olight Baton S10R III for the review from

Specs for the s10R III

  • Utilizes the brand new, highly energy efficient Luminus SST-40 LED delivering a maximum output of 600 lumen
  • Smooth aluminum reflector paired with hardened glass with a coating on both sides allowing for a 99% light transmission rate
  • Low profile tactile black silicone gel side switch that protects from accidental activation in a pocket
  • Magnetic tail cap that allows it to be secured to ferrous metal surfaces for hands free work
  • New USB desktop charging dock provided. This flashlight also has a charging port that is compatible with Olight magnetic charging cables and can be charged up on the go.
  • Low power (for RCR123A only) indicator under the side switch. When the battery voltage is running low (below 3.1V), it will glow red.
  • Thermal management program. To protect the users hand and flashlight from heat, the 600 lumen turbo mode will stay on for 1.5 minutes before stepping down to 50% of the initial brightness. The light can go back up to turbo once it has cooled down for one minute.
  • Direct access to turbo mode: when the flashlight is not under the lockout mode, double click to activate the turbo mode
  • Timer function: long timer (9 minutes) and short timer (3 minutes)

  • Flashlight (with stainless steel clip) x 1
  • Customized 650mAh 3.7V RCR123A Battery
  • 4.2V 1000mAh Desktop Charging Dock x 1
  • 50cm Micro-USB Cable x 1
  • Lanyard with Perforating Tool x 1
  • Instruction Manual

The light comes in this box

Light, with 16340 Olight 650mAh protected battery inside, manual, depliant, micro USB cable and magnetic charging base.

The main characters of this review: light and magnetic base

Details of the magnetic base

Details of the light

Small short smooth reflector with SST-40 LED

Blue PVD treatment on the bezels.

Clip and some kurling on the body

The Tailcap allows only button top 16340 batteries in the light.

Size comparison with the S1R: the S10R III is slightly longer and larger at the head. Nothing relevant.

When the light is on, a long click cycles through moonlight, low, medium and high, in cycle.
A double click will turn on the light at high mode.
From off, a long click turns the light on at moonlight mode.
To activate the electronic lockout, when the light is off keep pressed the switch until the light turns on into moonlight and finally turns off. Now if you click the switch, the light will briefly flash at moonlight.
To remove the electronic lockout, keep pressed the switch until the light turns on constantly.
A triple click will give you access to strobe mode.
The light has memory mode for the constant output modes-
The S30R features also a timer mode. At any level, press twice and keep pressed the switch to activate the timer. A single click will set the timer at 3 minutes, a double click at 9 minutes. After the time is up, the light will turn off.
When the battery is running low, a red LED under the switch will turn on.
The charge with the magnetic base works only with Olight proprietary batteries.
To charge the light simply rest the tailcap on the metal surface.
The base has a led that is red when charging, and green when charged.

Beamshot at 0.5 meters from the wall
Side by side with the S1R TurboS version set at 600 lumens mode.

Output and runtime
Tested both with the Olight IMR 16340 650mAh protected battery

Battery test

My thoughts
Built and finishes are as you would expect from Olight. The S10R III is another addition to the Olight flashlight series, and as a model of the SX0R serie, it has a traditional reflector, while the SXR series has a TIR optic.
Another difference, is that the SXR lights have a small magnetic charging base, while the SX0R lights have a bigger magnetic base, with suction cups and that can work as an extension for the USB cable.
The charging base is easy to use. Just rest the tailcap on the metal surface and the charging starts. You can send data and charge other devices while you are charging the light (if your power supply is strong enough). The 1A charge for the 16340 means a fast charge.
I am not an expert on emitter, I don't mind the new emitter choice, it is XM-Lish in size. I wonder why they didn't keep the XM-L2 or a newer emitter like XP-L or XP-L Hi and the driver of the S1R, that has more than 900 lumens; also, add another level between mid an high. I'd like to see this light come in NW tint.
Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera and luxmeter
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