Review SPERAS EST - 1900 lumens USB-C

Dec 3, 2012

SPERAS EST was sent to me directly by SPERAS for review.
For technical details and to purchase the torch: … flashlight


SPERAS, founded in Shenzhen, is a high-tech company that produces premium portable lighting equipment to ensure that customers receive the best lights on the market at an affordable price. SPERAS professional torches are suitable for many applications such as military, police, law enforcement and first responders, but also hunters, outdoor enthusiasts etc. and meet ANSI standards for waterproof and shock resistance.

SPERAS EST is a compact LED torch (12 cm), which has 2 switches, one on the tail and one on the side and 4 light levels (beyond Strobe and SOS).
SPERAS EST uses a Luminus SST40 LED, with a maximum output of 1900 lumens and a maximum peak beam intensity of 11,175cd with a maximum throw of 211 meters.
SPERAS EST is sold with a 3100 mAh lithium battery in 18650 format and is rechargeable via the USB-C port with a maximum autonomy of 157 hours.
SPERAS EST is IP68 certified (2 meters submersible) and has shock resistance up to 1.5 meters.
These features make the EST an ideal flashlight for outdoor use (trekking, camping, etc.), law enforcement and search and rescue operations.

Note: The above data was measured in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL1 international flashlight test standards using a SPERAS 3.7V/3100mAh 18650 battery under laboratory conditions.

Main features:

  • Compact and powerful. It uses an innovative Luminus SST40 led that emits 1900 lumens with a beam distance of 210m (690ft).
  • A well-designed TIR lens for optimal light beam.
  • Simple user interface to allow easy use.
  • Side switch + tail tactical switch.
  • USB-C charging with a 4-step power indicator system for optimal indication of charging and power status.
  • 18650 3100mah battery included.
  • Working voltage DC3V–8.4V.
  • Reflector Smooth Toughened ultra clear glass lens with abrasion resistant AR coating Material
  • Highly efficient, flicker-free circuitry and up to 157 hours of runtime in low mode at 10 lumens.
  • Reverse polarity protection to prevent circuit damage when the battery is not installed correctly.
  • Big rubber tail button with simple UI, easy to use.
  • High-quality materials: T6061 aviation aluminum alloy.
  • Aerospace aluminum alloy.
  • Premium Type III housing hard anodized anti-abrasive black finish.
  • IP68 waterproof


Weight: 81g/2.85oz (excluding battery).
Dimensions: 120mm(L), 25.4mm(head), 25.4mm(tube)/4.72"*1"*1"(Inch)


30 days free replacement if it has a manufacturing defect.
5-year warranty for free repair within 5 years of purchase if there is a problem under normal use.
Limited Lifetime Warranty with parts charge.

SPERAS EST arrives in a light colored cardboard box with the classic writings showing the main characteristics that distinguish it. Inside the package we find, in addition to the SPERAS EST torch with the 3100 mAh 18650 lithium battery and the CLIP installed, the USB-C charging cable, the lanyard, 2 spare O-rings, manual and warranty.

Together with the SPERAS EST I also received the RMC remote switch to control the torch remotely.



SPERAS RMC USB-C Remote Pressure Switch for EST


The new Type C remote pressure switch (RMC), for remote control, has been specially designed for the SPERAS EST.
The RMC remote pressure switch is extendable up to 49 cm and easily connects to the flashlight via USB-C; interesting solution that makes integration and assembly with the Speras EST torch simple and fast.


SPERAS EST has good construction quality, there are no strange edges or construction residues. Good construction in aluminum alloy with anodized finish and coating, matt black, hard military type. In the hand it holds well being compact and having small dimensions (120mm) and the weight of 185g with the battery inserted. It is very easy to insert it in your pocket or jeans.
Thanks to the Clip installed, the SPERAS EST does not slip easily once placed on a table. The non-slip texture of the torch body is beautiful and effective.




SPERAS EST is made up of three parts: head, body and tail and is managed by two switches; one at the back and one at the side.

The supplied battery is a protected lithium in 18650 3100mAh format.
As contacts with the battery we find a positive plated spring and a double spring, always plated, to the negative. Square cut fillets arrive sufficiently oiled.



On the head of the SPERAS EST we find a TIR optic with a Luminus SST40 LED in the centre. With this LED, SPERAS EST reaches a maximum brightness of 1900 lumens and covers a maximum distance of 211 meters.
The very aggressive crenellated bezel is particularly evident.


SPERAS EST is rechargeable; on the opposite side of the side button there is the charging socket in USB-C format protected by a rubber tab. During the recharging process, the charge indicator in the center of the side button is red, while when the battery is fully charged, the SPERAS EST interrupts the charging process and the charge indicator turns green (if orange check that the battery is inserted correctly or the battery is faulty).
The time required to fully recharge the supplied 3100mAh battery, according to my tests, is about 4 hours and 30 minutes (recharging takes place at 1A max.).



SPERAS EST has 2 switches, one on the side and one on the tail. On the side there is the side switch with a residual charge indicator LED in the centre.
This button has a slightly hollow seat and has an excellent firm and inaudible click. No problem for me to find it in the dark.


When you turn on the flashlight, the indicator in the center of the side switch will indicate the remaining charge level for 5 seconds:
Green: 100% - 70%
Orange: 70% - 30%
Red: 30% - 10%
Flashing red: 10% - 1%

In the tail we find the large mechanical button that we will use to turn the flashlight on or off. Good feeling with the button which allows, by pressing it halfway, to momentarily illuminate (momentary ON) or to activate, always momentarily, the Strobe.
On the tail cap there is a good knurling and it is possible to insert the lanyard supplied which is always useful during use.


SPERAS EST near other torches.

From left: Speras 18650 battery, SPERAS EST, Nitecore MH12SE, Fenix TK11 TAC and Sofirn SD05.


The user interface of the SPERAS EST is simple. The flashlight has memory and has 2 switches with four brightness levels and two special modes, Strobe and SOS.

LOW: 10 lumens
MEDIUM: 100 lumens
HIGH: 400 lumens
TURBO: 1900-600 lumens
STROBE: 1900 lumens
SOS: 100 lumens

Instructions (taken from the manual).

ON/OFF/Tail Strobe

  • Can only be turned on/off by queue button.
  • Lightly press the tail button, momentarily active (memory mode); Release to turn off.
  • Press the tail button, power on (memory mode); Press down, shut down.
  • From OFF, press the button twice quickly to activate the momentary strobe; Release to turn off.
  • From OFF, press the button twice quickly and press down to activate the strobe, press down for OFF.

Adjust the mode, strobe and SOS status

  • From ON, click the side button to adjust the mode. The mode will cycle from LOW, MED, HIGH to Turbo.
  • From ON, double click to activate the strobe; Double click again to enter SOS; click to return to the previous mode.



As can be seen from the photo, the SPERAS EST beam has a beam without obvious artifacts with a large white hotspot followed by a greenish crown that turns laterally to violet.
Using it outdoors I have to say the high and turbo coloring is nice. No hand held temperature issues.

SPERAS EST has a moderate power to illuminate at low and medium distances. The average brightness of 100 lumens allows you to walk safely. The values in candelas (lux/1 metre), found by me with a measurement at 5 meters, correspond to those declared by SPERAS. No visible PWM.


From the tests made with the OPPLE Light Master, at a distance of two meters from the sensor, the value of the CCT color temperature and of the Ra color rendering varies, as we have already seen, according to the selected light level. Let's see some values taken with this tool:

In TURBO (1900 lumens) I measured 5519 CCT and 65.1 Ra. – Duv 0.0115
In HIGH (400 lumens) I measured 5361 CCT and 63.4 Ra. – Duv 0.0141
In MEDIUM (100 lumens) I measured 5266 CCT and 62.6 Ra. – Duv 0.0154
In LOW (10 lumens) I measured 5145 CCT and 62.4 Ra. – Duv 0.0158



The Runtime were done in an internal environment with a temperature of about 18°C, using the supplied battery, a fully charged 3100mAh 18650.

I would like to point out that the values expressed by the graphs must be evaluated above all as a reference because they are made with means and conditions different from those used in the laboratory.


Good runtime tests with values that, in my tests, confirmed or exceeded those indicated by SPERAS.

In TURBO (1900 lumens) there is a slight drop in brightness for about 75 seconds before a sudden drop to just under a third of the initial brightness.
In High mode (400 lumens) after switching on, there is a slow and constant descent for over 5 hours and 40 minutes before the drop due to battery exhaustion.
In Medium mode (100 lumens) after switching on, there is a slow and constant descent for over 23 hours before the decrease due to battery exhaustion.

The first 10 minutes.


VIDEO Unboxing and Use

SPERAS EST Unboxing and Use


is a flashlight that has many positive points that make it a highly recommended tool for purchase.
First of all the price. At the time of writing it is on offer on the parent company's sales site for $59.99.
I really appreciated the really compact dimensions of the EST, easily transportable and with an excellent hand hold. Also noteworthy is the excellent feeling with the two buttons that can be activated with the right pressure and without hesitation.
Discreet power and lighting of the SPERAS EST with a clean beam but with a greenish colour.
In the package there are important accessories such as the Clip, essential but effective and the 18650 battery protected by 3100mAh.

Thanks for reading the review.