Review: SUREFIRE E2L-AA - Impressions and pictures!

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Nov 8, 2007
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Hey! :wave:

Some impressions and pictures of my new Surefire E2L-AA

FINISH: like all natural HA Surefire lights, anodization and finish are perfect:

GRIP: It has a great grip, due to it´s bigger size and the famous SF knurling:

Here´s a size comparison (handshots):



I have big hands, so obviously E2L-AA is more confortable to hold. I love my E1L, but it´s too small for my hand.

I took some pictures with FENIX TK20, side by side. E2L-AA is slightly bigger in size, but it has a thinner body. Still, both are very confortable to hold.

OUTPUT: output is great for my needs. I have brighter lights, but the high mode (with 80 SF lumens) is very bright and the TIR optics provide a good hotspot with enough spill. I also like the UI: low mode first, high mode second, just like E1L.

It has a great throw too, but Fenix TK20 still has better throw in high mode. Surefire E2L-AA in high mode can throw like Fenix TK20 in low mode, but when you change TK20 to high mode, E2L-AA´s throw disappears (I use rechargeable NiMH AA batteries).

Fenix TK20 is still the throw queen of all my 2xAA flashlights!

I liked E2L-AA´s tint too. It´s cool white, with no signs of green or purple (even in low mode). :thumbsup:

Well, that´s it. It´s my first AA baterry Surefire light, and I liked a lot! It´s perfect for camping, with great construction and simple UI. It´s a great pair for my E1L Outdoorsman while camping or backpacking!