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Jan 10, 2017
Hello everyone, today I will review the ThruNite TC20 v2: powerful 4000 lumen linear flashlight, powered by a single 26650 battery. Here the product link.


Packaging and content
The ThruNite TC20 v2 arrives in a rigid cardboard box. Inside the package we find in addition to the flashlight a large amount of accessories and spare parts. Overall, in fact, we have:
• "ThruNite TC20 v2" torch
• Spare O-rings (2x)
• USB Type-C charging cable
• 26650 5000mAh battery
• Laynard
• Belt clip
• Nylon holster
• Replacement caps for micro-USB port
• Replacement rubber for the switch
• User Manual
• Warranty Card
• Key ring





All'acquisto è disponibile in differenti colorazioni (Black, Desert tan e Metal Grey) con tinta Neutral o Cool White.

Main features
• Uses a CREE XHP70.2 HD LED
• Maximum output 4068lm
• Maximum light intensity 22400cd with a throw of 299m
• Working Voltage 2.75V - 4.2V
• Dimensions: 119mm (length) x 42mm (head diameter) x 33.5mm (body diameter)
• Weight: 143g (without battery) - 242.6g (with battery)
• High quality aluminum alloy material AL T6061-T6
• Premium Type III Hard anodizing
• Lens with anti-reflective treatment
• Orange Peel reflector
• IPX8 waterproof up to 2m depth
• Impact resistance 1.5m
• Max runtime up to 71 days
• Power supply: 1 x 26650 (included in the package)
• Lockout function
• Electronic switch with built-in status LED

The body and the materials
The ThruNite TC20 v2 is a compact EDC but with an extremely powerful turbo, capable of delivering a wide beam with a discreet shot.

The TC20 v2 is well built, the thicknesses are abundant and the finishes are treated in detail. The body and the tailcap are worked with a fine knurling that increases grip even in conditions of damp or wet hands.

The anodization is semi-gloss, the dissipation fins are thick and guarantee excellent heat dissipation.

The electronic switch appears to be made of metal, has a short stroke, is protruding and has a status LED inside that informs the user about the amount of remaining battery charge. Easy to spot even in total darkness and if you are wearing gloves, the click offers good tactile feedback.



Also supplied with the flashlight comes a nice nylon holster in which you can insert the flashlight with the head facing both up and down. This has side elastics, a plastic D-ring and velcro on the front.



The profile of the light is rounded without any anti-rolling system. This means that if you place the flashlight on a surface that is not perfectly flat, it will tend to roll away.

The tailcap is flat therefore the torch can be positioned as a candle (tailstanding). There is no magnet. A small hole allows the insertion of the laynard.


In the hand, the TC20 v2 has excellent grip.

The flashlight can be divided into three parts: the central body is unscrewed from both the tailcap and the head.


At the positive pole we find a thick protruding button, while at the negative pole a double golden spring.



The thread arrive clean and poorly lubricated, but given the perfect processing they are particularly smooth. On the side of the tailcap they are not anodized, but instead they are on the side of the head ... This means that for the physical lockout of the interface it is necessary to unscrew the body of the flashlight from the head side and not the tailcap.


Small anticipation on the interface: the electronic lockout is not provided, so for the transport of the flashlight and to avoid accidental ignition and the annoying parasitic drain, as mentioned above, it is necessary to unscrew the head by 1/4 of a turn.

The optical part is composed of the powerful and large XHP70.2,which can be chosen between NW or CW. In this review we see the TC20 v2 with Neutral White tint.


The reflector is in aluminum, with Orange Peel treatment, the lens in tempered mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment. The matte bezel and looks like steel, does not feature any lace.


The light can be powered with 26650 cells of any type. In the bundle comes a 5000mah flat top cell branded Thrunite. Top button batteries with or without PCB can also be used to power the TC20 v2. There is a lot of space inside the battery compartment, so no problem even using particularly long cells.


On the opposite side of the switch we find a rubber cap that protects the Type-C charging port. If needed, Thrunite supplies two spare caps in the package.



The charging speed is 2.0 Ampere so the supplied cell is fully charged in just over 2 and a half hours.
The head of the flashlight can also be powered directly via type-C, therefore without a battery inside the flashlight, for example with a powerbank: obviously the light cannot be turned on at high levels and the absorbed power will depend exclusively on the type of power supply used. but it is still something, in my opinion, very useful

There is no belt clip: transport is therefore allowed via a holster or via the key ring inserted in the tailcap hole


User interface
The TC20 v2 interface is simple and intuitive:

On / Off
With a click on the switch, the flashlight turns on at the last stored level, with a further click the flashlight turns off.

Lock / Unlock
There is no type of electronic lockout, so to lock the flashlight it is necessary to unscrew the head by ¼ of a turn (not the tailcap, since on its side the threads are not anodized unlike the head ones)

Change output levels
When the light is on, a long press on the switch will allow you to vary the brightness by cycling the Low - Middle and High levels.

Direct access to the firefly layer
Pressing the switch for a second, with the torch off, you will access the firefly level.

Direct access to Turbo / Strobe
Double click for direct access to the Turbo and again double click for the Strobe.

Memory mode
The TC20 v2 will enter the previously used level at each power up. This function does not apply to the Firefly, Turbo and Strobo levels.

Low voltage warning
The status LED under the switch lights up:
• Blue when the battery capacity is greater than 20%,
• Red when the battery capacity is between 11% and 20%
• Red Flashing when battery capacity is less than 10%
To protect the battery, the flashlight turns off when the cell reaches 2.8V.

The TC20 v2 has 5 output levels spaced as follows:
Turbo: 4068 lm declared (measured 3890) - 93min
High: 1853lm declared (measured 1760lm) - 122min
Medium: 320lm declared (measured 300lm) - 9h
Low: 35lm declared (measured 32lm) - 77h
Firefly: 0.3lm declared (n.d.) - 71days
Strobe: 1475lm declared (measured 1400lm) - 211min

Runtime test
• Turbo mode starts with 4000 lumens going to about 3200 lumens in 10 seconds. This level manages to remain almost constant for 3 minutes until the temperature rises dramatically and the torch is forced to step down to a lower level of about 2000 lumens. After 6 minutes there is a stepdown to an even lower level of about 1000 lumens and from here on the brightness remains constant for over an hour and 20 minutes, up to the direct drive of the vials and turning off the flashlight.
• The High level starts with an output of about 1800 lumens and then goes, after two minutes, to 1650 lumens and after another 20 minutes to 1000 lumens. From here on it behaves exactly like the Turbo: constant light for over 1 hour and 20 minutes until direct drive.
• The Medium, Low and Firefly levels show a constant trend for the whole duration of the tests. A sign of excellent regulation.

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The ThruNite TC20 v2 mounts the big and powerful Cree XHP70.2 HD which in my specimen is in the NW version. Alternatively, the Neutral version is also available for purchase. The reflector is OP, the beam is quite wide with a very bright spot. The shot is good and allows you to illuminate well even from a hundred meters away. The color is uniform with a slight change to warmer colors at the end of the spill. Color rendering is great.
The beam is versatile and can be used in various scenarios. I would label it an EDC bundle.
Here are some shots in the dark:

Beamshot # 1

Beamshot # 2

Beamshot # 3

Beamshot # 4

Final thoughts
• Complete package, there are also rubber spare parts for the USB port and the switch
• Good Turbo Power, the 4000 lumens declared are all there
• Excellent Runtime, it manages to maintain 2000 constant lumens for over an hour
• Excellent Adjustment, the medium-low levels have practically a constant output for the entire duration of the battery
• Type-C fast charging interface
• Simple and intuitive User Interface
• The supplied cell appears to be of good quality
• Although chubby, the dimensions are not excessive and the torch is particularly compact for a 26650 format

• There is no electronic interface lockout but only the physical one by slightly unscrewing the head from the body.
• No anti-roll system
• The switch lights up Blue when the cell charge is between 20% and 100% - this could be improved. You might think about adding intermediate levels when the cell is at 50% or 75%. Or for example, adopt a scheme such as:

Overall the TC20 v2 is a good flashlight, powerful and reliable, definitely to be recommended !!!

Thanks for reading, XD!!!


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Mar 22, 2013
Southern Ontario
Is it for sure type c charging? Maybe it's a bad angle, but the picture looks like micro? Even your description at the top says two spare micro USB rubber covers
Regardless good review