Review with Video: AMO VF21 Video Camera Flashlight, Must Have EDC!


Newly Enlightened
Jun 16, 2012
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We are all happy with our lights as a flashlight, but I have learned that we can go a bit further with our hobby, by trying something new, something I have been dreaming of that combined my interests into one. CAMERA-FLASHLIGHT!

AMO VF21, is not the best powerful LED light out there, but it is a video camera on-the-go! The device takes the SD card that I use for the GoPro, and support up to 32GB which is quite a lot for this kind of usage. What I love about the light is that it's so small (for a camera!) and it is so concealed. You can choose to have a laser for aiming your "center" of the frame (for the video) which is great for marking subject too, and also to have or not have flashlight with your video. You can also have strobe, SOS, 1/2 power light, or take photos with this device. It's a crazy cool gadget and putting our light hobbies to a different level. Seriously, if you are going to a long driving trip, you will want this in the car, or with you (on the body), just in case of any accidents on the road, you can instantly capture the license plate, the person's face etc. Not only accidents, but in case of any "attacks" coming up such as thugs and such, they will never expect your light shining on their face will also capture their face for evidence! Super cool eh?

I have been playing around this a lot and really love the idea. Just for fun, I mounted a bike light to the device and used it as a booster light to light up a longer distance, but it seems like the 120 lumen light is just not enough for long range. I have reviewed their bigger model which outputs 1200 lumens, but the bigger model is not even comparison to the "fun" of this small guy. You need to check this out, it's just tons of fun to play around a flashlight - that can take video and photos! Addictive toy!