Review: Wurkkos TS25


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Mar 31, 2015
I received a Review Sample of the Wurkkos TS25

here are some first impressions

I like the LEDs Color Temperature, and Tint Duv. The beam profile is also to my liking, as it has a good hotspot.


The TS25 is a nice size for a jacket pocket, and weighs 145 grams with battery. It feels good in hand, not too large, and I like the slender waist body design.


The switch is also nice, it can be located by feel, because the button protrudes with straight sides. I also like the travel and feel of the button. It is crisp, predictable, and easy to use.

Light arrives in simple smooth ramping mode and turns on at 75 lumens
there is Last Mode Memory enabled

Aux arrive in multi color changing mode..
7C from Off cycles the Aux. There are a total of 6 steps, including Aux Off

The different Aux colors have different brightness. For example the red is dimmest and reads 0.09 lumens on my meter, whereas the green is brightest and reads 0.38 lumens

The aux create a pattern with many petals, like a mandala. The multi color changing Aux setting is very colorful:

Battery check with 3C works to make the main LED count voltage. The aux turn on in between. Instead of staring into the optic, I just shine the light on my hand. This makes it easy to count the white light flashes, without being distracted by the Aux lights.

The Green button light turns on for 5 seconds when the light is first turned on. It is Off at all other times.

I have set my Aux to Red, for now:

The thermal calibration is accurate, within 1C of my IR gun. I ran the light at the ceiling in advanced ramping until it stepped down, at which point the body was at 49C, from which I infer the thermal ceiling is set to 50C by default.

I have one suggestion for future revisions:
I would like the green button light to stay On all the times,
both when main LEDs are On and also Off..
I like illuminated buttons. ;-)


Aug 27, 2006
Really wish this light came with a clip.
Back in the day, bigger SureFire C2 had a clip.
I EDCed that light everywhere, didn't find it too heavy.
This one looks smaller and lighter than a C2.


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Mar 31, 2015
I agree a clip is needed, I have seen photos of a clip on the TS25.. not sure which clip fits, yet

fwiw, the C2 weighs 150 grams, the TS25 weighs 145 grams, both with batteries inside

the C2 had a max output of 65 lumens, and used two disposable batteries.. the TS25 can sustain about 300 lumens, and the single battery is rechargeable, with onboard charging


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Mar 31, 2015
Lowest light level is 75 lumens?
75 lumens is the level the light first turns on at, from a single clic, out of the box. But the light has Last Mode Memory enabled by default (option can be changed), so it will clic on at whatever level it was turned off at, after that.

the lowest ouput of the TS25, on my homebrew meter (which may not be exactly accurate), is 0.09 lumens.

some comments about customising Anduril 2 output preferences:

There is also an option for timed last mode memory (not enabled by default). After the timer expires, the light will turn on at a fixed output (that can be changed to user preference).

here is an example of how timed last mode memory can work, lets assume for sake of example, that the timer is set to 10 minutes. I then turn on the light, lets assume for sake of example it comes on at 75 lumens (it can be changed to any level you prefer). I then ramp up to, for example 200 lumens, and then turn the light off, briefly.

If I turn the light back on within the timer period, it will come on at 200 lumens again. otoh, after 10 minutes of Off time, the light will come on at 75 lumens, the next time it is clicked on.

because I like to set my ceiling to a sustainable output, that does not step down, I disable Turbo and set a ceiling of 90/150 = about 310 lumens (this is sustainable with factory default thermal ceiling)... or 100/150 = about 450 lumens, on my meter. (not sustainable).

I can then access ceiling output with 2 clics, from off, or from on. If I leave turbo enabled, it becomes available by a second double clic from on.. after that it gets inconsistent. 2C from Off gives Turbo instead of ceiling. That is one reason I choose to disable turbo. Another reason is that thermal step down happens and I end up not having turbo, plus that cycle reduces battery life more, than using a double clic to a ceiling that is closer to thermally sustainable output.

here are my personal changes to anduril 2 preferences in my TS25 (subject to ongoing change):

starts on 10 lumen in simple smooth ramping
10 minute last mode memory
No turbo
advanced ceiling 100/150 = ~450 lumens
simple ceiling 80/150 = ~200 lumens
advanced and simple floor 0.09
ramp speed 3
50C thermal ceiling

here is the Anduril 2 manual

the sections I modify are mostly listed under
7H: Ramp config menu., and 10H: Ramp extras config menu.
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Mar 31, 2015
Update, first impressions

I received the Production TS25 and tested the Red Aux drain. There are now two brightness levels, a flashing mode, and off.


The TS25 power button does not have any locator light while off, nor while on. This makes me sad, hopefully someone can build a hex to turn the button locator light on, since there are now 3 flashing pads.

I physically confirmed that the flashing adapter that gchart sells for SP10 Pro, fits the TS25 perfectly.

The TS25 power button does not turn on in red or green the way the prototype did. I dont mind, since Im used to using normal Anduril battery check, 3C from off.

afaict so far
In the production model the only time the button light turns on, is during charging, it blinks blue.. charging is not finished, so I cant confirm what the button LED does then, yet.
charging finished, the button light became solid blue. A few more updated details:




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