REVIEW: Xtar Magnemite H3R


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Jul 29, 2017
Helloeveryone, today we will see the review of the XTAR H3R, sent to me byXTAR, which I thank for the opportunity.

Here you are the link of theparent company:

Here, however, the official page of the torch:


I remind everyone that the review is made with common,non-professional tools; therefore the test values ​​can bedifferent from those of the parent company.


The flashlight arrives in a white cardboard box where on the front wehave the XTAR logo, an image of the torch, the name and some of itscharacteristics.


While, in the side we have the imagesof the content of the package, that is the flashlight, the elasticband, the charging cable, the helmet hook and the manual. Then wealso have various symbols that indicate the activity for which thetorch is indicated.



On the back side instead we find abrief description of the torch, ANSI values ​​and some data.


Inside the packaging we find a"shaped" plastic packaging with the torch and the variousaccessories inside.


The torch having the followingdimensions 10.5 cm in height and 22 mm in width at body level; havingthe head an irregular shape, in the longest part it measures 33 mm,while in the shorter part 23 mm; weighs very little, 53 g withoutbattery and 102 with the battery inserted.



Afterwards,some photos of the torch compared with a small Bic lighter, withOlight H1R Nova and Lumonite Compass R:




At the top of the head, we find asmall disk with knurled edges on the side, 2 mm thick, at the centerof which we find the recharging port; which is formed by an outercircle of silver metal about 1 mm thick and in the middle a goldenmetal part having a hemispherical groove in the central part. The twoparts of the attack are divided by a small piece of plastic materialsurrounding the golden metal area.



Below this area we findthe real head of the torch, seat of the parabola. The head does nothave a regular, round shape, but has on both sides large and deepgrooves that guarantee the dissipation of the heat produced by theCREE XP-L V6 LED.


On the other two sidesinstead, of a more rounded shape we find the parabola and the powerbutton. The orange peel dish is surrounded by a silver bezel thatprotrudes 3 mm.
At the bottom of thedish you can see the XP-L V6 led perfectly centered in its blackbase.



The black rubber powerbutton that offers a really nice grip thanks to the knurling, gives alight click; it is surrounded by a 2mm thick silver metallic ring.



Below the head we finda small smooth 1cm thick part, where the XTAR logo and the torchserial number are written; as you can see from the picture thelettering is impeccable.


Below this we find the central partof the torch body formed by several grooves about 5 mm wide,alternating with smaller areas in relief; this gives the torch aremarkable grip by holding it in your hand.


Underlying we find the tailcap,which in the side parts (or what we touch to unscrew it) has a thinknurling that creates an excellent grip. (the fingers do not slipeven if they are wet).


At the bottom of the tailcap wefind the name of the torch surrounded by two rings, even in this casethe lettering is impeccable.


The torch has a perfectanodization in every part, even in fillets; that here we see arrivewell fattened (flow well).
In the photo, note alsothe oring that guarantees an IPX7 degree of impermeability.


Thicknesses are normal.


The negative pole at the tailcap isformed by a golden spring having many coils which fits perfectlyinside a non-anodized circle.


The positive pole instead, which islocated in the head of the torch is formed by a tighter andprotruding silver-colored spring.



As written above, the torcharrives with different objects; clip, charging cable, elastic band,helmet clip and manual.
Now I will describe thevarious objects.

The Clip:

The clip is made ofsmooth black metal, its shapes are classic without many frills; inthe final part.



In the final part it has a smallhole.


The metal of the clip is notdifficult to fold, and offers a good grip on fabrics (eg Jeans etc.).Following some photos of the clip mounted on the torch.




The Charging Cable:

The cable that arrivestogether with the torch is flat, of black rubber; at one end has anormal USB socket. This cable can recharge the battery up to amaximum of 1Ah.


On the other hand, on the otherhand, there is a proprietary attack which allows it to be connectedto the torch. On the outside it is smooth and has 2 half-moons nearthe edge, which light up when it is charging (when the torch ischarging the light is red, when the flashlight is full the light isgreen).




On the inside, on the other hand,there is a circular part of silver metal and a small "needle"which, thanks to an underlying spring, is able to adapt perfectly tothe special part in the torch. In this end there is also a magnet,with considerable attractive force, which guarantees the perfectconnection between the cable and the torch.



Qui un paio di foto del cavetto e dellatorcia.



Elastic band: The elastic band thatcomes with the torch is really well done and on this I want to spendtwo words; among all the elastic bands of various torches that I haveseen and tested, this of XTAR is the best, both for the invoice andfor the materials and for the finishings. The band adapts to the headon three sides, side and top; the elastic fabric is really soft tothe touch. The fabric is urban camouflage (shades of white, gray andblack), embossed above the XTAR logo in white with gray edges.




The band is completely adaptable,thanks to several loops and hooks in black plastic.



The torch holder is made of soft,well-finished black rubber, which can be adjusted; despite being ofsoft rubber, the torch does not move and remains well fixed.




Here some photos of the torchmounted on the support:





As you can see from the photosabove, the support allows you to tilt the flashlight to your likingand not from problems with the change of levels; you can reach thebutton without problems.


The 3500 mAh 18650 battery withprotection circuit, arrives in a small cardboard box with embossed onthe XTAR logo, the precautions for use and the amperage of thebattery.





Here some pictures of the battery,note the details written on it.





Here the photos of the poles.



Afterwards, some photos of the XTARbattery compared to a 18650 Keeppower with 3400 mAh and a PanasonicCr123A.





Helmet clip: The coming clip has ashape that vaguely resembles a "y".


it is made of black plasticmaterial, where, on the longer side, there is the XTAR logo; notealso the small Allen key, which is used to fix the clip to the helmetinserted in the appropriate seat.




That small Allen wrench willtighten the screw that will fix the support to the headband.



The part that supports the torch,instead, is formed by a "vice" of silver metal thatperfectly fixes the torch; it does not allow him to move or leanalone.


Here some photos of thetorch attached to the clip:




The torch's ui is very simple,everything is based on multiple clicks of the button or on holding itdown:

• With the torch on, to change thelevels, just keep the power button pressed; doing so the levels willcycle (Moonlight, Low, Mid and High)

• To access the Turbo level, justmake two quick clicks (in less than one second), both with theflashlight on and with the flashlight off. Pressing once again, withthe two clicks in less than a second, the button, the flashlight willreturn to the stored level (the level used before turning on theturbo).

• Pressing quickly, three times, thebutton, both with the torch on and the torch off; you will access theSOS level.

• To lock the torch (only when thetorch is off), keep the button pressed until the Moonlight level thatturns on will switch off; at this point the torch is locked, if youpress the button you will only enter the Moonlight level (only untilthe button is pressed)

• To unlock the torch, simply repeatthe operation to lock it, only this time the Moonlight level willturn on and make a small flash; after this flashing, the flashlightis blocked.

Following the values ​​of thelevels and the data declared by the house:

• Turbo = 1000 Lumens (this levellasts 3 min, then the torch scales at 60%, then at 600 Lumens)>for a duration of 2.5 h.
• High = 500 Lumen> for theduration of 3.5 h.
• Mid = 240 Lumen> for theduration of 7.1 h.
• Low = 60 Lumen> for the durationof 26 h.
• Moonlight = 5 Lumens> for aperiod of 18 days.
• SOS = 500 Lumens.

The beam, with 5630 CDs, reaches 150meters Ansi; the resistance to falls is 1.5 meters; the degree ofimpermeability is IPX 7.

If the battery voltage is less than 3V,it will no longer be possible to access the High level.

If the flashlight flashes 3 times, itmeans that the battery voltage is very low; so you have to rechargeit or change it.

The charging cable will signal with redlight if the battery is not fully charged


When the battery is fully charged, thecable will signal it with green light


At full charge, the battery will have avoltage of 3.16 V.


Following the graphs of Lux, Lumen andRuntime:





The XP-L V6 led together with a smalland shallow dish, give a flood beam with a wide spot and a narrowspill; so much so that it starts at about 175cm if the torch isplaced at about 1mt from the ground parallel to the ground and has2.20 ca if the torch is placed on the forehead (in my case I am1.80).
Following a picture of the width of thebeam about 20 cm from the wall and on a plane.



The paint is a fairly marked coolwhite;below a picture showing a green hedge illuminated by the XTAR torch.


Here you are the beamshot of the torchat a distance of 10 meters in the moonlight, low, mid, high, turbolevels.






Following the beamshot of the torch at25 meters in the low, mid, high, turbo levels.






I like this flashlight. After havingused it for a while 'time on several occasions, such as nightfishing, mountain biking at night or simply to illuminate the areasnearby during the outings; I can say that it is really well done. Thebeam is a cross between a throw and flood, making it perfect forilluminating both short and medium distances. I was impressed by theaccuracy of the objects that come along with the torch, especiallythe elastic band, which is for the moment the best band I've everseen come along with a flashlight. I find it very useful and Iappreciate the fact that the torch can recharge all the protected18650 Li-ion, as it gives a lot more freedom on which batteries touse. Another thing that struck me a lot is that the flashlightalready comes with a clip to be attached to the work helmet.

Following are some photos of the handtorch:





• Production quality
• Brightness
• Weight
• Objects recently used
• Clip for work helmet




I would recommend it to anyone whoneeds a front panel that also has a shooting disk so that it can alsobe used on medium distances. Or to those who work intensely onprotective helmets, for example specialized maintenance personnel.For example, I found myself very well during the outings to use it toilluminate the nearby fields.

I take the opportunity to thank all ofthose who will take a few minutes to read my humble impressions andleave comments, advice, criticism and questions.

Greetings to you all! Stay tuned forthe next review!