reviving / modding cheap hybrid flashlight


Jul 16, 2007
Kaunas, Lithuania
Hi guys,

people in this forum are really nice and friendly bunch. It's a pleasure staying here, and learning more and more about flashlights!

Today, bringing some order in my room, I found this cheap old flashlight:

I know, I know, it's a crappy one.. It has few standart 5mm leds, and one incan at the center. It's run off 3 AAA's. More pics:

The problem.. I've lost the rubber button, that was used to push the inlayed switch:

It's almost impossible to push that button now. A quick google didn't come up with anything I could use as a replacement..

So now I have a few questions.

1) Is it possible to find a replacement rubber button? The hole is 10mm wide..
2) Is it possible to mod this body to something better? Body inside diameter is 22mm, threading on top of tube is almost 26mm. I guess I'm being naive hoping this would match any of "Default" parts?

thanks :)