RRT0 or PC10 or something else?



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Mar 13, 2012
the only flashlight I had before was the Fenix L0D it was 75 lumen and it was the brightest flashlight I have ever seen in my life but unfortiunatly a friend lost it , now im looking to get something bigger prefer running 123 batteries , I did some research and what I liked most is the RRT0 and PC10 , if someone has them both or has experience with one of them what do you prefare, I like the look of the PC10 more but not sure of the differences that much..............mainly what im looking for is 1) single 123, 2) has strobe 3)strong light 4)can be used for self protection if needed 5)has teeth head or the bezel can be changed 6) can be carried all the time , thanks to those who reply and this forum is awesome (been in edc forum for years but first time here) (and I don't know how to do enter in the post?:S)


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Mar 14, 2012
you may like pc10 better it's lots cheaper, however there may be a few things to point out:

-pocket clip (removable) rubs against the head when you change modes, so it may rub the finish off
-550 lumens only works on 16340s (i think) or RCR123As
-kinda small for the hands (only 3.65 inches long) (ok i guess for impact use)

if you arent discouraged by some of this, then it's a perfect flashlight.