RUNNING OUT OF FUEL ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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Nov 8, 2007
So tonite after walking with my Surefire G2, I replaced the US Panasonic Cr123's I was using with Titanium 123's I purchased from However, upon turning the G2 on, the light emitted a sickly, yellowish beam akin to batteries nearly depleted. I was like, oh darn: the bulb's going to blow ! (I had only used the g2 for 2-3 hours already) However, a pair of of Panasonics I had lying around worked just fine. I was like, cool, its just a pair of bad batteries. I then tried the next pair of Titaniums. And the next and the next. And the next. All had the same problem. A dead or nearly dying beam. Out of my 25 or so Titanium batteries purchased from batteryjunction, 17 of them were bad. I was pissed.

I love batteryjunction, have had three orders from them so far, and have had everything arrive as ordered, with really speedy service. So I guess I'll be trying out their CS tomorrow and try to get them to send me 17 fresh batteries.

The thing is, the batteries that were bad were from 2 different shipments, each a month or so from each other. So now I kinda am afraid to use Titaniums again (although 2 shrink-wrapped 3 piece sets work fine in my G3). I guess I'll ask for Panasonic's then, huh.

And now I only have 5 Cr123s left that I can trust (plus whats already in my lights). IM RUNNING LOW ! ! ! I feel scared :laughing:

Anybody else had a prob with Titaniums?

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Jul 25, 2006
Tasmania, Australia
Be sure to let us know how you go with their customer service.
I doubt you'll have any problem with them.
Haven't bought anything from them myself, I just get a good vibe about them on these forums.


I'm a big believer in "you get what you pay for" and living overseas I try not to take chances in getting faulty goods shipped all the way here, thus I use only Surefire batteries....


Mar 29, 2003
Yeah, I had the same problem, the cells develop a passivation layer if you leave them unused for a while, that gives them high resistance. Try running the light for a minute or so and the layer should burn away. I keep hearing they changed the formulation this way or that way to fix the problem, but I got tired of paying attention to which versions are fixed and which are not. Life's too short for that, so now I only use premium 123's (Duracell) even though they cost more. I don't use very many 123's since my more frequently used lights use nimh rechargeables. So the Duracells' higher cost doesn't bother me much.


Apr 18, 2007
State College, PA
I tried the cheap route for a week...then the batts died in a light that usually lasts 2 months on a batt. I've gone SF123A exclusively ever since. I'm thinking about some AW RCR's for my 120P but primaries are just so simple...

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