Running w/ Aurora


Apr 10, 2001
I went on a late night trail run last night with my Aurora on my head and a Blast in hand. I was surprised by how well the Aurora was able to define the trail. I have not been a fan of LED's but I did truly enjoy using this headlight. What's bettter is that the trail ends on a narrow well traveled road. I have to run it for 150 meters or so. I am always nervous about it - but with the Aurora, I just put on the blinking mode and spin the lamp to the back of my head! The cars sure were able to see me.

The only thing is that I would love to find a 2AAA light with a push button. With the headlamp, I don't need constant on hand held - I carry it in case I REALLY want to see something. I want an economical light with quick on/off - as I run quite a bit.

Any thoughts?

Lux Luthor

Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 10, 2000
I've used the Aurora's blinking modes while walking down dark streets. It's an excellent safety feature.


Apr 27, 2002
Aurora, Ontario, Canada

I really like the Aurora--but I use it more for reading in bed <smile>.

How bright a light do you want for the hand held?

Someone may suggest the Inova X5 (new one) with pushbutton--but it runs on 123s and it's not much brighter than the Aurora.

I don't think you'll get anything on AAAs to be really bright ("I carry it in case I REALLY want to see something.")

Small and bright is something like a Streamlight Scorpion, Surefire E2e (what I have), or less bright and longer run time the Underwater Kinetics 2L (also available with the same lamp as a 4AA light). Even 2AAs aren't all that bright. One of the Lambda lights is about as you can get with 2AAs and a LED and while it doesn't "throw" as well as an incandescent, it's more light.

There are pushbutton tailcaps available for MiniMags and with the Brinkmann Nexstar lamp, these are fairly bright.

But if you REALLY want to see, I think the lithium lights are much better. A slightly larger (and less expensive) light with a pushbutton and two lithiums (and one of the brightest) is the Brinkmann LX, but the large head makes it harder to carry.