Santa Barbara Premier Art/knife show?


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Oct 15, 2004
So. Cal
Room rate for the show was $230...a bit much so we opted for a day trip instead. This weekend was very nice weatherwise, as it was supposed to be in the mid-upper 80's. A perfect drive right? Well, the 10 bazillion other LA and Orange County residents must have had the same idea...go to Santa Barbara for the Art-Knife show. :D

Got on the freeway and for every 5 miles of free flow at 65 MPH, there were 5 miles of 15 MPH speeds or slower. Can we say tedious in redundancy?! By the time we reached Santa Barbara, over 3 hours had passed. I like our car but I can enjoy only so much seat time when the drive is dead like this. Something about the slugging makes my 6 unhappy.

Anyway, after that battle, I got to the show to find easy access. Uh-oh...a knife show like this should not be easy to grab a nice parking space. After paying my door fees ($20, more on that later) without any others, I entered the room. Was that a tumble weed that just blew by me?! Did I hear the crickets?! Looked very much like a Sunday at a knife show. :(

At Solvang, the makers we know will be sold out in a matter of 30 minutes-1 hour that first day. I actually got to look at knives on a Saturday! Some nice ones to be seen. Sad, saw some not so happy faces...knife makers.

I had hoped to catch-up with some of my fellow collectors buds but they didn't come to this show. That bums me because Solvang is the only time I see them. :( Oh well... I did enjoy but it wasn't the grand meeting like it usually is.

*$20 day pass. As nice a location this is, $20 pushes the door fee a bit much IMO. $5-$10 is no brainer but trying to weed out tire kickers by having such a rate just limits noob traffic. $20 thumb-down. At least throw in a coke or glass of beer as cover charge then. ;)

If you can look past the $20 door fee, there are still some nice knives to be seen/had. Except Ken Onion, he sold out. Happy for him. :D If you breeze through the show, play tourist and enjoy SB since you made the drive.

After battling traffic for some 110 miles and on such a nice day, the 10, million otehr LA residents must have wanted to also take a drive.