Scammers Amongst Us


Staff member
Apr 8, 2002
Caveat emptor - buyer beware!

CPF has been seeing an increased trend in scammers coming into our forums and trying to take advantage of our members. These scammers will take your money and you will never see the item you paid for - and they will disappear.

A couple of red flags:

1. New member with very few posts
2. Posting in the WTB forum that they have the item you're looking for
3. Insisting on shipping info/verification before payment is made and cleared.

Listen to your gut. If something seems sketchy, it probably is.

The admins and mods can usually spot these scammers a mile away and we are usually well aware of them. That being said... CPF is not responsible for and will NOT get involved in personal/private transactions. Any and all transactions conducted between members is none of our business and we will NOT step in to mediate. The only thing we can do is ban the member once we have solid proof they are indeed a scammer. Again, that being said... there are times when we will choose to sit back and watch for a bit in order to let a scammer hang themself.

The bottom line is - it is up to YOU to protect yourself. Always, always, always.... Caveat emptor!