Scorpion 2 or Something Better?


Newly Enlightened
Aug 19, 2011
Hello CPF. So this is my first time posting here. I've owned a couple EDC's (Surefire G2, a couple of PD30's) and they have shown me the light of proper flashlightery, ha. ha. ha. But they seriously open one's eyes to the inferiority of the traditional Walmart-brand fodder that satisfies the masses.

So I've got two questions for you: What should I get in terms of a bigger, workhorse-y light? After a day of research, the new Scorpion 2 -especially with the Turbo head- really catches my eye. I'd like a holsterable, $100-$200 light in mind, great throw, good flood, CR123a's or 18650's or (grudgingly) AA's, with a friendly, logical UI (low low's, high high's, no High-Medium-Low-Off-Strobe crap). Other lights that caught my attention are: M1x; Catapult; DBS; TK35, 40, 45; M2/2x/3C4; M30; BC40. But the Scorpion 2 is the all-but-winner in my mind at this point.

And Number 2: I'm also looking at maybe possibly upgrading my PD30 Q5. Love of my life, but it's got a couple years on it and I figure I can both upgrade and give the PD30 to my family so there is at least some respectable lighting in that household while I'm away. Basically I'm just looking for the same thing but a couple years better. Any recommendations? (I haven't looked into it yet. That's tomorrow's project). :sssh: