Seeking USB light with very low firefly mode for EDC


Newly Enlightened
Oct 23, 2021
United States
I suppose that what I'm hoping for is a USB-C light that resembles my beloved Zebralights, or as close as I can get. (Is that a unicorn cantering off into the distance?)

Format: flashlight
Charging: USB-C preferred, micro-USB acceptable (rechargeable via cable and wall wart)
Mode(s): firefly is the most important, the lower the better, with some brighter levels chucked in. I'm not overly fussed about max lumens.
UI: immediate, easy access to the firefly mode.
Color: neutral or warm white only (high CRI would be nice.)
Size: 18650 or smaller
Beam: the floodier, the better
Water resistance: as much as I can get while still hitting other points

The recently-reviewed Thrunite TC20 V2 neutral white looks very nice, but it's sized for a 26650 and I was hoping for something a bit smaller and with an even lower firefly mode (the Thrunite specs say 0.3 lumens.)


May 7, 2016
Look at thrunite t1 or wowtac w1. Micro USB charging. Hold for lowest (don't remeber how low but sub lumen). T1 is much floodier but the main modes have a ramping ui I really dont like much. The w1 has an interface like olights. The wowtac can use any cable but the t1 uses a cable with a longer male part on the USB so it doesnt make connections with most cables. Not sure why they did that. So it pretty much needs its own cable but its cable can work in other micro USB devices. T1 is 18350 and w1 is 16340. Idk if the w1 is availble in neutral. The t1 is, but the tint was ugly ugly and i ended up with the cool white which is just regular ugly. For what ive used it for its fine I guess. The w1 is a very clean cool white and looks much better. Both have magnets. Both have been quite reliable.