Selective Yellow Headlights


Feb 7, 2010
Charlotte, NC
I currently have selective yellow H3 bulbs in my fog lights and have been using them as driving lights as of late because I really like how well I can see with them. I have a decent astigmatism and lights with a blue component look like nothing but a blur to me (thank you people with 10000000000K HIDs) but with selective yellows, everything looks amazingly clear.

I have a friend that is selling a set of Philips 85122 YX bulbs that he used for about a month. He didn't like them.

My question is, are these bulbs painted? Will the paint come off?

I have also found a company that sells a 3700K D2S bulb. That sounds like a good compromise between selective yellow and 4300K OEM.

Not saying that the OEM is bad I just feel like I can see better with the blue component removed.

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