Self Adhesive DC Fix Diffuser Install Instructions w/ pics

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Aug 15, 2001
Here is a pictorial I put together for using DC Fix diffuser. This can be purchased by the roll from Berlin wallpaper. Or small sheets on CPFMP from Phaserburn.

Supplies: Small scissors used for tying fishing flies, circle template, pencil, DC Fix, and the light you want to unringify:

Hold the circle template up to the lens. The first couple times you do this you will likely get a circle that is a bit too small. Clean the lens with a non abrasive lens cleaning cloth.

Trace the circle you have chosen on a scrap piece of card to test your size, don't waste the diffuser material just yet. Measure twice, cut once.

Drop the test circle onto the lens to check fit. It's OK if it is a little undersized. On a 1" dia light like this a 1mm gap all the way around is OK. The bezel on most lights will block any light coming out of the gap.*

If the test circle was OK, trace the same circle on the back side of the diffuser sheet and cut the circle. If your test piece was only slightly undersized or oversized you can compensate in this step by cutting on the line, on the outside edge or inside edge of the line.

Before you peel off the backing drop the diffuser circle into the bezel to test the size. Check the centering of the diffuser material in the lens. A small gap around the circumference is OK and makes it easier to peel off in the future. If it is oversize you might have to start again at step 2 or trim off any projections.

Peel off 80% of the backing and carefully lay one edge of the circle in place. If it had a gap in the above test phase, make sure you have a gap at the edge when you place the diffuse on the lens. If when you get about 50% of it in place it doesn't look centered peel it back off and try again. When it looks centered peel off all the backing and smooth it out from the center to the outside. Try to remove all air bubbles.

*Note: Zebralight headlamps need a very precise circle cut with no gap, because they have a very shallow bezel.
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Oct 19, 2009
Nice work! Of course if you can unscrew the bezel you can just put the material on the back side of the glass lens and it doesn't have to be as precise as the lens is bigger than the opening.